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The Easiest French Manicure

the rip does reallllly annoy me, but thats life we have to ruin packaging sometimes

My nails were feeling so sorry for themselves so I couldn't resist picking these up! I love the classic look of french tips but quite frankly hate false nails, so I feel like these are a compromise. They stay on really well and make freshly manicured finger nails a 7 minute job... Big love


Liz Earle - The Fool Proof Cleanser

Like most people that blog about and love beauty products the new releases and raved about products are at the top of the shopping list, but the old favourites that never fail to impress should not be forgotten. I have loved this cleanser for around 4 years now, making the awards it has won unsurprising.

When I use this consistently my skin is clear, it just seems to keep the blemishes away. It feels natural and non stripping and is the perfect way to remove the daily grime and makeup without being harsh like so many others I have tried. The fresh scent makes it a lovely product to use morning and night, I literally cannot phrase this enough, and if you are mad enough to not have jumped on the hype yet then please do!

With skin care it is the case of why change something if it doesn't need fixing and this cleanser applies to that, nothing compares for me.


My New Favourite Concealer - MAC's Pro Longwear

Is it just me or is it a hard task trying to dispense the right amount of product so you're not left wasting loads? The pump feature I love but it is so stiff that I end up dispensing enough concealer for myself and 2 others, its driving me mad.

Anyway, this is a product rave because the liquid inside is the best, quite possibly the best concealer I'm yet to try. This provides medium/ full coverage without any creasing or cakey looking skin which is what often lets down a concealer, spot on formula in my view. I use this under my eyes and on blemishes.. I was put off MAC foundations and concealers when I tried one of their foundations and looking child playing with makeup two hours later - the professional forgot to mention it would oxidise like a no other.

I think I have been converted to this concealer, it's not a goodbye to the collection lasting perfection but for now this is a new favourite. It is long lasting as the name suggests, covers, and looks natural - hurrayyyy!


Top lip balms for dry lips

No one likes the look of dry cracked lips covered in lipstick, my lips get so dry so over the years I've tried far from few lip balms and these are the most repurchased. Pre warning, you will be sick of the word lip balm by the end of this post.

Nuxe Reve De Miel 

One for the evening as it is very thick and moisturising. I was pleasantly surprised that this smells like Terrys Chocolate Orange - win. Even after a nights sleep you can still feel the remaining lip balm on your lips, perfect if you need a more intense treatment, or if you like chocolate.

Rosebud Perfume co - Rosebud Salve

Whilst in Sephora like many others I was drawn in to the little minis they display while you queue, it was so cold in New York when I went so I needed a lip balm. Not a massive fan of rose scented products but the balm itself was is so good. Perfect for carrying around as it is one of those multi use products for any dry and cracked areas, its light weight but will nourish your lips, leaving a glossy finish. One of my absolute favourites if you can manage to pick it up.. Sephora when are you coming to the uk?

eos Sweet Mint

The eos lip balms have been everywhere at the minute, with good reason. I picked up the mint flavoured and it is again perfect as a day time lip balm, it isn't as nourishing and repairing as the rosebud balm so more suited to those with normal lips or as a top up in between using others.

Palmer's Coco Butter Lip balm

After using a body moisturiser from this brand and loving it, I thought why not give their lip balm a go. It is under £2, has an SPF and does manage to keep lips from becoming dry or cracked. This lipstick won't do a brilliant job if your lips are already in bad condition but top prevent that from happening it will work really well. I like this one for the summer months.


Budget Bedroom Revamp

(the wardrobe painted - from brown to white)

Recently I have given my room a little revamp and I thought I would share how it was done but on a budget!

1. New duvet and pillows. I was so bored of my hot pink bedding, it actually hurt to look at it it was so vibrant. This bedding from Ikea and pillows from Next have really toned down the pink in my wallpaper and have allowed for something more sophisticated. 

2. DIY. Luckily I have a mum who is brill at painting, she was able to paint my brown wardrobes white and add new knobs. My room looks bigger and brighter and the furniture matches a lot better - apart from the bed frame.

3. Accessories. You've probably noticed all the candles and little wooden hearts I have dotted around from the photos, there is something about them that adds a little something without it looking over crowded with crap. 

4. Flowers. For me fresh flowers make a room, I always try and grab a £2 bunch from Aldi, if not I have fake ones but nothing nicer than real.


Nuxe Reve De Meil Lip Balm - Review

Honestly a lipbalm that is knocking on the £10 mark seems an incredibly hefty price tag. Through the horrid weather and constant lipstick wearing my lips became so chapped and I needed something effective to add some moisture back. The Nuxe Reve De Miel was the first to mind, not only does this lip balm make my lips feel incredible but smells like Terrys chocolate orange. I apply this in the evening, I wake up in the morning I can still feel it on my lips keeping them nourished. Very impressive.

It's not sticky and uncomfortable on the lips like some lip balms can be, it also leaves a matte finish so could easily worn in the day time too. I will be using this sparingly as it is really nourishing, but it is a product I have really seen good benefits with. Overall, worth the price mark!


MAC Haul

Over recent years MAC started to take a back seat letting other brands take the lime light, such as Hourglass, Laura Mercier etc. However I always stayed faithful - partly due to the fact that I am addicted to the expansion of my little lipstick collection - never the less I feel like MAC is back! Maybe the recent hypes around the likes of Velvet Teddy and the always out of stock lipliners, whatever it is I want everything from there (as always).

Separate reviews will happen once I have properly tried everything out. Firstly I think we need to appreciate Tan pigment, so perfect for this time of year, excited to pair this with whirl all over the lips, perfect combo I think. I realllllly did not need Morange considering how many orange lipsticks I have (a real obsession), plus now I have my hair lighter I am slightly worried I will look too over the top, like a little barbie ready for summer. I have had trouble with MAC foundations in the past so I thought I would see if I get on any better with their concealers, heard a lot about the Pro Longwear concealer so fingers crossed I love it. All I am looking for is something to cover the odd blemish and come under eye discolouration, I really do not think that is much to ask for, is it?


Space NK Experience + A Rant About Nars Sheer Glow

My first purchase from Space NK online to collect the order in store, fast delivery and £10 off when you spend £40 or more. Ofcourse I gathered this to be the perfect opportunity to try out the Nars Sheer Glow foundation and the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm.

Firstly lets start off with the Space NK experience, the online order was unboxed and packaged in one of those lovely black and white bags and also with two generous freebies. The term retail therapy sprung to mind, the type of service that would see and probably does see many women flocking for that feel good experience from the staff on a fortnightly basis. The staff were lovely and a credit to the brand.

Moving on to the over hyped, over priced and not so amazing part of my purchase. The Nars Sheer glow foundation, not once have I seen someone sham it, people with all types of skin have labelled it as Holy Grail! Amazing shade range so you are bound to find the perfect match which is a plus. My skin is oily and dehydrated, but I have seen many people with oily skin rave about it, so why didn't it work for me?

I found the foundation to blend well, at a first look after application my skin was "normal". No glow, it just evened out my skin leaving it looking just okay, nothing spectacular like I expected. The worse of it all was when I looked in the mirror 4 hours later, I don't joke when I say it was the most oily my skin had ever looked, beyond post workout, beyond post sun bathing, horrendous! I think the moral of the story is to get a sample, never will I again spend £30 plus on a foundation without trying it out. Luckily I managed to sell it on Depop without loosing out too much. The next on my list is the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, fingers crossed I get along better with that.

What do you make of this foundation?
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