Keeping on Track with Fitness and Healthy Eating

Before I start rambling I just want to point out I am not an expert by any means, but this is just what I have found to work for me when I am trying to  eat well and exercise regularly. The exercise part is something I actually enjoy doing, so not too bad now the mornings are lighter. Food on the other hand is a struggle, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and saying no to chocolate, sweets, cakes etc is like saying no to makeup, its heartbreaking!

Tips and tricks to curving the cravings

  1. Meal planning, this really helps as it keeps me on track with a plan for the day
  2. Healthy snacks, always have a stash of healthy snacks around. I have a nutri bullet which is amazing for making juices and snacking on those, things like raw veg and fruit is good
  3. Do not buy junk in, if you have junk in your cupboards you are bound to eat it.
  4. If you do have a sweet craving and you really do want something, just do it. Aslong as it is not for a big bar of Dairy Milk and something small like a freddo or a couple of dark chocolate chunks
  5. If I am feeling hungry for something sweet sometimes I’ll have a fruit juice or use cordial to make something a little sweeter without having to have chocolate or sweets
  6. Experiment with food, I have recently found out I am in love with dates, obviously they are still high in sugar so not ideal to sit there and eat the whole lot, but it is natural sugar and they are so tasty
  7. Think about how much effort you just put in at the gym, that is always a good one!

Tips and tricks to keeping on top of your fitness 


  1. Buy some good workout gear, there is nothing worse than see through leggings and feeling comfortable while exercising is important
  2. Watch YouTube videos. Blogilates is my absolute favourite and her work outs are a killer
  3. Get a good playlist, who doesn’t enjoy listening to their favourite music?
  4. Pinterest or Instagram. Yep we all see those girls who look strong and healthy and amazing, and we want that too so work out
  5. If you know you are going to be busy for the next few days up to a week then make time to fit in a couple? I don’t think anyone is too busy to wake up an hour earlier, a 30 minute run is better than nothing.
  6. Magazines, quite ironic as you’re just sitting down and reading them but knowing more about the benefits and different routines is a big boost to staying on track
  7. Find a workout that you love, there is something for everyone

Hope you have found some of these things useful, I’ve also learnt that abs are made in the kitchen and if you want a flat stomach you cannot exercise well yet eat poor.

Any more suggestions on how to keep on track?

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