Achieving Natural Looking Brows

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It is brill that I have found a routine that I feel makes my brows look the best they can be at the moment (trying to grow them out some more, went abit whacky with the plucking). Slightly annoying that this travel friendly routine is made up of three products, but it is working for now.

I start off by combing my brows through using any old spoolie as they all do the trick quite nicely for me. Next up I take the angled brush and use some shadow from the Elf Eyebrow Kit, I start in the middle of my brow with this and fill it to the end extending my brow slightly. Once this is done my brows look okay but they lack shape and the front section looks odd because of the colour contrast at the back.

This next step is what I was lacking before and has prompted me to write this post, the felt tip side of the Soap and Glory Brow Archery is amazing, I do light strokes at the top of the brow to form the shape, then the bottom and middle, I also do some very light strokes at the start of my brows too. When I first used the Soap and Glory product I looked a mess, I was way too heavy handed and the results actually scared me, take your time and practice and you’ll be just fine. Personally the other end of this product is a no from me, would much prefer to just have the felt tip side!

Next it is back to the magic spoolie to even out all the product.. The final step, and it is an easy one, just apply the Maybelline brow drama through all of the brow, this is what gives you the more natural effect as the front of your brows matches the middle and end but is still lighter leaving you with a more natural less scouse brow look.

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