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L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation | Review

When it comes to foundation I am a little picky, I love the look of flawless yet fresh looking skin and for the day time not so keen on a matte finish. My stupidly oily complexion often makes foundation oxidise quickly or turn into a wet looking mess on my face. With every foundation I use a good powder too to make sure it stays on for as long as possible.

I used to wear this foundation years ago and actually forgot to repurchase. To sum it up it is a lightweight, medium coverage with a satin/ matte finish. I love how easy this is to blend and how it covers all my redness or blemishes without it looking like I've slavered my skin with product. My blusher and bronzer sits nicely on top, and it is only after around 4 hours that I need to touch up my powder again. Another point is that for me it does not cling to any dryness I have, which is again perfect and something that some of my other foundations were failing at. It leaves a natural looking base for me which is perfect

I think this foundation would be more suitable for those with a normal/ oily complexion as it lasts a long time on me, I am really impressed with this foundation and think it will be lovely for day to day use or mixed with my double wear for a more long wearing base. Although do take care if you are going to use this for an evening out as it does have quite a high SPF of 17, perfect for the up and coming weather (I hope). 


Keeping on Track with Fitness and Healthy Eating

Before I start rambling I just want to point out I am not an expert by any means, but this is just what I have found to work for me when I am trying to  eat well and exercise regularly. The exercise part is something I actually enjoy doing, so not too bad now the mornings are lighter. Food on the other hand is a struggle, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever and saying no to chocolate, sweets, cakes etc is like saying no to makeup, its heartbreaking!

Tips and tricks to curving the cravings

  1. Meal planning, this really helps as it keeps me on track with a plan for the day
  2. Healthy snacks, always have a stash of healthy snacks around. I have a nutri bullet which is amazing for making juices and snacking on those, things like raw veg and fruit is good
  3. Do not buy junk in, if you have junk in your cupboards you are bound to eat it.
  4. If you do have a sweet craving and you really do want something, just do it. Aslong as it is not for a big bar of Dairy Milk and something small like a freddo or a couple of dark chocolate chunks
  5. If I am feeling hungry for something sweet sometimes I'll have a fruit juice or use cordial to make something a little sweeter without having to have chocolate or sweets
  6. Experiment with food, I have recently found out I am in love with dates, obviously they are still high in sugar so not ideal to sit there and eat the whole lot, but it is natural sugar and they are so tasty
  7. Think about how much effort you just put in at the gym, that is always a good one!
Tips and tricks to keeping on top of your fitness 

  1. Buy some good workout gear, there is nothing worse than see through leggings and feeling comfortable while exercising is important 
  2. Watch YouTube videos. Blogilates is my absolute favourite and her work outs are a killer
  3. Get a good playlist, who doesn't enjoy listening to their favourite music?
  4. Pinterest or Instagram. Yep we all see those girls who look strong and healthy and amazing, and we want that too so work out
  5. If you know you are going to be busy for the next few days up to a week then make time to fit in a couple? I don't think anyone is too busy to wake up an hour earlier, a 30 minute run is better than nothing.
  6. Magazines, quite ironic as you're just sitting down and reading them but knowing more about the benefits and different routines is a big boost to staying on track
  7. Find a workout that you love, there is something for everyone

Hope you have found some of these things useful, I've also learnt that abs are made in the kitchen and if you want a flat stomach you cannot exercise well yet eat poor. 

Any more suggestions on how to keep on track? 


Charlotte Tilbury: Love Bite

In terms of makeup products nothing beats something that is beautifully packaged and good quality. Charlotte Tilbury obviously recognised that and her makeup line has completely shaken up everything in the high end beauty world. From what I have seen from the new collection coming out in July she has hit the nail on the head again, I think I am going to become addicted to this brand, bank balance I am sorry.

On to the lipstick, I was looking for a classic red, a bold colour with a creamy looking finish. I have a matte shade I love so I wanted something that was more classic. Of course there were other alternatives but who would chose anything else over this? It is a very long lasting and pigmented lipstick, the creamy formula feels really comfortable. As a completely true red it is perfect for all year round, it will make your teeth look stupidly white and you will be happy you splashed out the £23 calling it an investment. However if you are after a cheaper alternative the Rimmel Moisture renew lipsticks are veryyyy similar in formula.


Current Makeup Essentials

We all know that whilst on a night out it is not ideal to be one of those girls touching up their makeup in the toilets every 5 minutes. I think getting the base of your makeup right is one of the most important things you can do, that is why I always wear a long lasting foundation, the Estee Lauder Double Wear is the most long lasting and full coverage foundation I have come across. This stuff will not budge, it has a matte finish and smooths over the skin leaving it looking completely flawless. If you are not a lover of a heavy coverage then you might not like this one, but for me looking to cover some pigmentation and blemishes, it is the one. 

Annoyingly I get quite bad blue patches near the tear ducts of my eyes, the Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer really covers them well as it has yellow tones which help to counteract it. I'm really impressed with the coverage and creamy consistency, it is a nice alternative to the Collection Lasting Perfection that I am bored of using. 

The Barry M Contour Kit is pretty amazing, and I think it around £6. The colours are pigmented but not so much that they're impossible to work with, and the lasting power is pretty good too. The actual shades are impressive, I'm really pale and find this works well with me, without it looking like I'm trying to go at the contour too hard. MAC's Soft and Gentle has been a favourite for years, it is one of the prettiest highlighters and it just has memories for me - sounds cheesy bit it's true!!

To make all this stay in place further the Urban Decay Setting Spray will leave your makeup in place for so long, you don't need to touch up once, honestly. My skin really misses this if I ever run out. Recently for days and nights out I have been sticking to the same thing, MACs Velvet Teddy and Rimmels Spice Lipliner. I am still obsessed with the 90's style bigger looking lips with nude/brown lip shades, I am just not over it yet! 

Last but not least, a decent blending brush. Since buying the MAC 217 I have been able to experiment so much more with my eye shadows, every person who likes to wear eyeshadow needs one, or maybe even two. 


Achieving Natural Looking Brows

pre a stupid amount of products

It is brill that I have found a routine that I feel makes my brows look the best they can be at the moment (trying to grow them out some more, went abit whacky with the plucking). Slightly annoying that this travel friendly routine is made up of three products, but it is working for now.

I start off by combing my brows through using any old spoolie as they all do the trick quite nicely for me. Next up I take the angled brush and use some shadow from the Elf Eyebrow Kit, I start in the middle of my brow with this and fill it to the end extending my brow slightly. Once this is done my brows look okay but they lack shape and the front section looks odd because of the colour contrast at the back.

This next step is what I was lacking before and has prompted me to write this post, the felt tip side of the Soap and Glory Brow Archery is amazing, I do light strokes at the top of the brow to form the shape, then the bottom and middle, I also do some very light strokes at the start of my brows too. When I first used the Soap and Glory product I looked a mess, I was way too heavy handed and the results actually scared me, take your time and practice and you'll be just fine. Personally the other end of this product is a no from me, would much prefer to just have the felt tip side!

Next it is back to the magic spoolie to even out all the product.. The final step, and it is an easy one, just apply the Maybelline brow drama through all of the brow, this is what gives you the more natural effect as the front of your brows matches the middle and end but is still lighter leaving you with a more natural less scouse brow look.

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