Thierry Mugler Alien Review

It’s a highly recognisable one, I hate to use a cliche but this is literally a stand out product. So if you don’t already know about Alien then you need to. Duty free called and before I knew it I smelt like many other women out there, and I have to say I’m not too bothered because this scent is amazingggggg!!

I’ve always picked the floral fragrances over others, obviously not over the top grandma style but the likes of Paul Smith Floral and Daisy. Alien by Thierry Mugler is described as a floral woody amber fragrance so quite a strong base that lasts all day in the EDP. Although it is quite bold it has softer elements too it, I often feel like some perfumes are too sophisticated for everyday use and are too over powering for the poor person I sit next to in a lecture, this is just about right.

Although this is a floral scent I love the woody notes within it, that is what makes it so unique to others as the combination is unusual. It’s mysterious and has a warmer feel perfect for the colder weather, in the summer I would use this an an evening fragrance as it isn’t a fresh scent which is what I prefer during the summer months (even though summer in the UK is limited).

So yes you may smell like a lot of people out there (there has been too many occasions that someone has walked past me and straight away I’m like, they’re wearing my perfume!) but I think it’s safe to say it is worth it.

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