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New York Beauty Buys

So on my recent trip to New York – 3 months ago I’ve just been busier and not had the chance to post much  I knew I wanted to pick up Alien by Thierry Mugler, I know so many people wear this and it’s not unusual, but I love it. The Naked Palette is again something so many people have but I felt like after seeing this under the Sephora lights I needed it that little bit more. I am in love with this palette although it is just making me want the Naked 2 and the basics, the quality of the eyeshadows in my opinion is actually better than MAC, they are soft and the most pigmented I’ve tried, literally best I have ever come across.

The Bare Essentials Buxom Smoky Eye stick is perfect, I love it. I’ve put in some pictures below of the colour, it is nice without blending but it blends so well too, lasts all day and night, and works as a great base for other eyeshadows, it is literally like a smokey eye in a stick when paired with a good blending brush. The packaging is also really good, for $9 (THATS ABOUT £5!) it is such good quality and a brand I wish I seen more of in the UK, I am regretting not getting more bits from them.

Another stand out product is the Elf eyebrow kit, this was around $3 and I reach for it more than my HD Brow kit. I think the reason for this is 100% the shade of the shadow, it isn’t as warm toned as the one in the HD Brow kit and now having lighter hair the ashier side of brown suits me much more. I know how hard it is to find that sort of shade without having to spend £10 plus on an eyebrow product, so if you are looking for a cooler more ashy brown shade have a look at the range.

With the highs comes the lows and some of the products aren’t that great, not so impressed with a few things, the raved about eos lip balm is a bit of a let down, doesn’t give much moisture and because of the shape it ends up on your lips, but also above and around, yeah its not good. The wet n wild lipstick is pretty drying, it drags so badly so a lip brush is needed and I can never be bothered with them if i’m honest.

Overall I wish I had done more shopping whilst there, but your first Sephora experience is overwhelming, well if you’re a bit mad about makeup you’ll need a good hour or two to browse – no joke.

The shade is “Brass knuckles” the pictures say it allllll

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