The £1 MAC Velvet Teddy Dupe

Public service announcement, I’ve found a MAC Velvet Teddy Dupe! So on Wednesday I had just submitted an assignment that is safe to say the worst one yet, so a little retail therapy was needed to perk up my can’t be bothered mood. Half an hour later I was in Superdrug. I am always on the look out for nude lip pencils – a little addiction of mine, I have around 5 but it isn’t enough, and I spotted a pretty generic looking lip pencil as far as a nude one goes, without a swatch or really considering it, in the basket it went. So I tried this out and something felt really familiar about the colour and the finish, and then I realised, this is MAC’s velvet teddy in drugstore lipliner form, oh the excitement, a lip product I won’t be scared to take on a night out incase of loosing it in the dingy student night club.

Okay, so the lip swatches prove it, the MUA lipliner is a little less intense in colour, more of a true nude than brown compared to velvet teddy but still similar. I think if you were unsure of this sort of shade and wanted to give it a go then this is the perfect chance. The MUA lipliners are alright they are fairly creamy and pigmented with a heavy hand, and they last a good few hours.

Velvet Teddy is perfect. I have to say I thought it would wash me out and make me look scary but I am really loving it pared with a smoky eye on a night out or in the day time lightly dabbed on the lips with bare eyes for a minimal look. If you can manage to get your hands on this I would, you won’t regret it.

Do you know of any other MAC Velvet Teddy Dupes?

Dupe lipliner

 (MAC Velvet Teddy)

 (Right, MUA; Left, MAC)


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