Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask Review

Annoyed about the quality of the photos, but never the less this product needs a review…

For ages I have been looking for something that will give my skin the boost it needs without being too harsh on my skin, I went into Lush and after always wanting to try out one of their face masks I picked up Love Lettuce. This mask contains almond shells so also offers an exfoliation at the same time as being soothing and moisturising. The immediate result was clear and clean looking skin, really soft and it just looked nourished, what I love about this mask is that it doesn’t at all leave my skin feeling stripped, I like the idea of a combination of oils and moisturising properties as it’s just not as harsh on the skin yet still effective.

So as a round up it is simply perfect for an oilier base, I would stir clear if you have dry skin. If your skin needs a boost this is a nice pick me up. It also contains lavender too so perfect combined with a cup of tea and a book/ blogging catch up before bed.

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