Jeans Struggle? I have the answer

For years I have struggled with jeans. Too long in the leg, fit my legs and bum but not my waist or baggy in all the wrong places. If you need the perfect skinny jeans that are comfortable, look good and wont fall to bits after a month then please buy the Topshop Jamie jeans, in all variations…

I’m struggling with where to start because there are so many good points..

  •  If you have tried the Joni or Leigh jeans and have had a bad experience then you will like these as they are thicker and more like jeans rather than jeggings. They are not those heavy uncomfortable jeans that you want to take off straight away, they are light weight but thick so as I mentioned won’t bail on you after a months use. 
  • They come in a good colour and style range, I have a black pair and a blue pair.
  • True to size. I found myself having to buy a 10 in the Joni jeans then after one wash I was wishing I had just got the 8 because the stretch in them went so quickly. Speaking of washing, these wash SO well, don’t use fabric softener with them as it causes them to become too soft which makes them loose their shape. 
  • Your bum will look good in these jeans…
  • They are £40 which for a good pair of jeans is fab

Keep in mind people that these jeans are actually ankle grazers, personally on me an ankle grazer looks like I have old jeans that I have grew out of, it is just something I can’t pull off. So I get a leg length up from my normal size and that makes them the perfect fit. Another point is that you may have to buy online because surprise surprise everyone wants these amazing jeans. 

I think when it comes to items like this it is always better to spend that little bit extra, I have tried jeans from New Look and other cheaper brands that were okay, but they just weren’t the perfect fitting jean like these are!

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