Full Review of La Roche-Posay

French pharmacy products have been flying around the blogs for a while now with most people loving the results from them. Throughout 2014 La Roche-Posay was by far my favourite skin care brand, I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin by using these in conjunction with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I have oily skin that is also dehydrated (probably one of the most awkward skin types ever!) so I like to use the Origins Drink Up intense mask to combat the dehydrated side.

I’ll start off with my most recent purchase the Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub this stuff is perfect and made me realise how important a good exfoliation is. I use this after cleansing (around 3 times a week) and my skin is left so soft and it is also helping to keep my skin clear and purified like it states. The scent is amazing, overall leaving your skin feeling soft and exfoliated without that sore feeling some more abrasive formulas can leave your skin, and your face won’t be tight like you’ve just had botox either.

One of my favourites for those realllll bad skin days is the Effaclar K, which I actually prefer to the Effaclar Duo. Effaclar K is perfect if you’re one of the unlucky ones with pretty visible pores and an oily complexion, this stuff is like a primer but with all sorts of skincare benefits at the same time so it is a godsend (holy grail) sort of item. It helps to make my skin look less dull from it being so oily and also helps to improve the look of the previous scaring, what this product does is takes your skin from oily to near enough normal for the majority of the day. Anything better? I can’t quite seem to find a match. For under the £15 mark this is perfect, although the metal packaging is rather annoying, a plastic packaging like the Effaclar Duo would be more travel friendly and not leave the product looking a bit manky in your collection, a bit fussy but true!

Effaclar Duo, ahh the most raved about from the whole of the range, to be honest this stuff is worth it if you have pretty bad acne or get those sore spots, but if you suffer from more hormonal breakouts this may not help you as much, from my own experience anyway. I find that this is a little more drying that the Effaclar K so you’ll need a good moisturiser (we will get the that) but if you have one that works for you and your oily skin you will be good to go. I love having this in because it is the quick fix to a bad breakout, the brand states you see visible differences within 24hours and you really do. I would recommend this if you are needing to somewhere to start with clearing your skin. I won’t hype on too much but if you haven’t already taken on the advice of others, get on it.

The ingredients that help reduce blemishes are also quite drying on the skin, whether you have oily skin or not. The Effaclar H is literally made for this purpose, and if used morning and night will help your skin stay healthy looking without making it more oily and hard to work with. I have heard about alot of people with oily skin introducing oils into their skincare routine, which is really helping them see visible results in how clear the scaring is from previous breakouts. This could be a method used on a weekly basis, but day to day this moisturiser will stop your skin from going flaky, ewwwwwww.

Are you a fan of La Roche Posay? Feel Unique currently have 1/3 off so if you’re looking to try a few then do it now while they’re a little cheaper.

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