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The £1 Velvet Teddy Dupe | MAC vs MUA

(MUA Liner)
 (MACS Velvet Teddy)

 (Right, MUA; Left, MAC)

So on Wednesday I had just submitted an assignment that is safe to say the worst one yet, so a little retail therapy was needed to perk up my can't be bothered mood. Half an hour later I was in Superdrug. I am always on the look out for nude lip pencils - a little addiction of mine, I have around 5 but it isn't enough, and I spotted a pretty generic looking lip pencil as far as a nude one goes, without a swatch or really considering it, in the basket it went. So I tried this out and something felt really familiar about the colour and the finish, and then I realised, this is MAC's velvet teddy in drugstore lipliner form, oh the excitement, a lip product I won't be scared to take on a night out incase of loosing it in the dingy student night club.

Okay, so the lip swatches prove it, the MUA lipliner is a little less intense in colour, more of a true nude than brown compared to velvet teddy but still similar. I think if you were unsure of this sort of shade and wanted to give it a go then this is the perfect chance. The MUA lipliners are alright they are fairly creamy and pigmented with a heavy hand, and they last a good few hours.

Velvet Teddy is perfect. I have to say I thought it would wash me out and make me look scary but I am really loving it pared with a smoky eye on a night out or in the day time lightly dabbed on the lips with bare eyes for a minimal look. If you can manage to get your hands on this I would, you won't regret it.


Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask Review

Annoyed about the quality of the photos, but never the less this product needs a review...

For ages I have been looking for something that will give my skin the boost it needs without being too harsh on my skin, I went into Lush and after always wanting to try out one of their face masks I picked up Love Lettuce. This mask contains almond shells so also offers an exfoliation at the same time as being soothing and moisturising. The immediate result was clear and clean looking skin, really soft and it just looked nourished, what I love about this mask is that it doesn't at all leave my skin feeling stripped, I like the idea of a combination of oils and moisturising properties as it's just not as harsh on the skin yet still effective.

So as a round up it is simply perfect for an oilier base, I would stir clear if you have dry skin. If your skin needs a boost this is a nice pick me up. It also contains lavender too so perfect combined with a cup of tea and a book/ blogging catch up before bed.


Thierry Mugler; Alien

It's a highly recognisable one, I hate to use a cliche but this is literally a stand out product. So if you don't already know about Alien then you need to. Duty free called and before I knew it I smelt like many other women out there, and I have to say I'm not too bothered because this scent is amazingggggg!!

I've always picked the floral fragrances over others, obviously not over the top grandma style but the likes of Paul Smith Floral and Daisy. Alien by Thierry Mugler is described as a floral woody amber fragrance so quite a strong base that lasts all day in the EDP. Although it is quite bold it has softer elements too it, I often feel like some perfumes are too sophisticated for everyday use and are too over powering for the poor person I sit next to in a lecture, this is just about right.

Although this is a floral scent I love the woody notes within it, that is what makes it so unique to others as the combination is unusual. It's mysterious and has a warmer feel perfect for the colder weather, in the summer I would use this an an evening fragrance as it isn't a fresh scent which is what I prefer during the summer months (even though summer in the UK is limited). 

So yes you may smell like a lot of people out there (there has been too many occasions that someone has walked past me and straight away I'm like, they're wearing my perfume!) but I think it's safe to say it is worth it. 


Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

Just a quick review as everyone has mentioned their love, or hate for this mascara, however I am stuck right in the middle. 

I love the effect the Benefit They're Real Mascara gives my lashes but trying to take this mascara off is a pain! Compared to all of my other mascaras this just doesn't want to budge, even using a cleansing water then separate cleansers on top i'l wake up with horrible panda eyes which is making my morning skincare routine more of a hassle. Rant over... It is lengthening, volumising, and all lashes can get covered by the wand that lets you get into all the little corners, but be careful with applying two coats unless you quite like the over done spidery lash look.

I can completely see why the divide with this product, and with the price tag nearing £20 I think i'll stick to my trusty L'Oreal mascaras in the future.

What are your thoughts on this?


Brand Hype: La Roche Posey

French pharmacy products have been flying around the blogs for a while now with most people loving the results from them throughout 2014 La Roche- Posay was by far my favourite skin care brand, I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my skin by using these in conjunction with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I have oily skin that is also dehydrated (probably one of the most awkward skin types ever!) so I like to use the Origins Drink Up intense mask to combat the dehydrated side.

I'll start off with my most recent purchase the Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub this stuff is perfect and made me realise how important a good exfoliation is. I use this after cleansing (around 3 times a week) and my skin is left so soft and it is also helping to keep my skin clear and purified like it states. The scent is amazing, overall leaving your skin feeling soft and exfoliated without that sore feeling some more abrasive formulas can leave your skin, and your face won't be tight like you've just had botox either. 

One of my favourites for those realllll bad skin days is the Effaclar K, which I actually prefer to the Effaclar Duo. Effaclar K is perfect if you're one of the unlucky ones with pretty visible pores and an oily complexion, this stuff is like a primer but with all sorts of skincare benefits at the same time so it is a godsend (holy grail) sort of item. It helps to make my skin look less dull from it being so oily and also helps to improve the look of the previous scaring, what this product does is takes your skin from oily to near enough normal for the majority of the day. Anything better? I can't quite seem to find a match. For under the £15 mark this is perfect, although the metal packaging is rather annoying, a plastic packaging like the Effaclar Duo would be more travel friendly and not leave the product looking a bit manky in your collection, a bit fussy but true!

Effaclar Duo, ahh the most raved about from the whole of the range, to be honest this stuff is worth it if you have pretty bad acne or get those sore spots, but if you suffer from more hormonal breakouts this may not help you as much, from my own experience anyway. I find that this is a little more drying that the Effaclar K so you'll need a good moisturiser (we will get the that) but if you have one that works for you and your oily skin you will be good to go. I love having this in because it is the quick fix to a bad breakout, the brand states you see visible differences within 24hours and you really do. I would recommend this if you are needing to somewhere to start with clearing your skin. I won't hype on too much but if you haven't already taken on the advice of others, get on it. 

The ingredients that help reduce blemishes are also quite drying on the skin, whether you have oily skin or not. The Effaclar H is literally made for this purpose, and if used morning and night will help your skin stay healthy looking without making it more oily and hard to work with. I have heard about alot of people with oily skin introducing oils into their skincare routine, which is really helping them see visible results in how clear the scaring is from previous breakouts. This could be a method used on a weekly basis, but day to day this moisturiser will stop your skin from going flaky, ewwwwwww. 

A little bit lengthy but these products are effective so I couldn't help but ramble, Feel Unique currently have 1/3 off so if you're looking to try a few then do it now while they're a little cheaper. 


New York Beauty Buys

So on my recent trip to New York - 3 months ago I've just been busier and not had the chance to post much  I knew I wanted to pick up Alien by Thierry Mugler, I know so many people wear this and it's not unusual, but I love it. The Naked Palette is again something so many people have but I felt like after seeing this under the Sephora lights I needed it that little bit more. I am in love with this palette although it is just making me want the Naked 2 and the basics, the quality of the eyeshadows in my opinion is actually better than MAC, they are soft and the most pigmented I've tried, literally best I have ever come across.

The Bare Essentials Buxom Smoky Eye stick is perfect, I love it. I've put in some pictures below of the colour, it is nice without blending but it blends so well too, lasts all day and night, and works as a great base for other eyeshadows, it is literally like a smokey eye in a stick when paired with a good blending brush. The packaging is also really good, for $9 (THATS ABOUT £5!) it is such good quality and a brand I wish I seen more of in the UK, I am regretting not getting more bits from them.

Another stand out product is the Elf eyebrow kit, this was around $3 and I reach for it more than my HD Brow kit. I think the reason for this is 100% the shade of the shadow, it isn't as warm toned as the one in the HD Brow kit and now having lighter hair the ashier side of brown suits me much more. I know how hard it is to find that sort of shade without having to spend £10 plus on an eyebrow product, so if you are looking for a cooler more ashy brown shade have a look at the range.

With the highs comes the lows and some of the products aren't that great, not so impressed with a few things, the raved about eos lip balm is a bit of a let down, doesn't give much moisture and because of the shape it ends up on your lips, but also above and around, yeah its not good. The wet n wild lipstick is pretty drying, it drags so badly so a lip brush is needed and I can never be bothered with them if i'm honest.

Overall I wish I had done more shopping whilst there, but your first Sephora experience is overwhelming, well if you're a bit mad about makeup you'll need a good hour or two to browse - no joke.

The shade is "Brass knuckles" the pictures say it allllll


Jeans Struggle? I have the answer


For years I have struggled with jeans. Too long in the leg, fit my legs and bum but not my waist or baggy in all the wrong places. If you need the perfect skinny jeans that are comfortable, look good and wont fall to bits after a month then please buy the Topshop Jamie jeans, in all variations...

I'm struggling with where to start because there are so many good points..
  •  If you have tried the Joni or Leigh jeans and have had a bad experience then you will like these as they are thicker and more like jeans rather than jeggings. They are not those heavy uncomfortable jeans that you want to take off straight away, they are light weight but thick so as I mentioned won't bail on you after a months use. 
  • They come in a good colour and style range, I have a black pair and a blue pair.
  • True to size. I found myself having to buy a 10 in the Joni jeans then after one wash I was wishing I had just got the 8 because the stretch in them went so quickly. Speaking of washing, these wash SO well, don't use fabric softener with them as it causes them to become too soft which makes them loose their shape. 
  • Your bum will look good in these jeans...
  • They are £40 which for a good pair of jeans is fab

Keep in mind people that these jeans are actually ankle grazers, personally on me an ankle grazer looks like I have old jeans that I have grew out of, it is just something I can't pull off. So I get a leg length up from my normal size and that makes them the perfect fit. Another point is that you may have to buy online because surprise surprise everyone wants these amazing jeans. 

I think when it comes to items like this it is always better to spend that little bit extra, I have tried jeans from New Look and other cheaper brands that were okay, but they just weren't the perfect fitting jean like these are!

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