MAC Brave Lipstick Review

MAC Brave has been on my radar for a while now, whilst browsing the MAC in New York (as you do) I came across Brave, exactly my kind of colour as its a pinky beige sorta shade. I’ve been hearing everyone rave about this lipstick lately, kind of a your lips but better colour, and it also offers that factor of plumping up your lips too making them look fuller- which is what we alllll want. This is the lipstick for those not so daring enough to go full on nude, it is subtle.

Its a satin finish so isn’t at all drying, it is the perfect comfortable everyday lipstick. This looks nicer when I’m not so pale, a little bronzer and it is flattering. As always with MAC lipsticks it is good quality, has that vanilla scent and this shade in particular will last me a good 4 hours on the lips, before needing any touchups! It is also perfect for the paler girls, this isn’t at all going to make your face look flat.

It has become an ultimate favourite that I just can’t stop reaching for, I feel like MAC lipsticks used to be so hyped about and then they went off the radar, however I feel like this year they’re making a come back…


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