Urban Decay Naked Palette Review & Day Time Makeup Look.

I really did not want to cave and buy this, it’s pretty pricey just for some eye shadows. However, as probably expected I am very happy that I did. Kicking myself knowing all this time I could have had quite possibly the perfect set of eye shadows in one single palette. There is so much to talk about when it comes to the Naked palette, colour selection, quality of the shadows, packaging.. So I’m going to try and give a short but sweet round up of all things, and ultimately prove why you need to welcome the Urban Decay Naked Palette into your makeup collection.

The colour selection makes this palette a worthy contender for both day and evening uses. The two matte shades “naked” and “buck” offer an amazing warm tone that is so flattering against blue eyes (probably others too but I’m bias) it is just perfect for those days when the eye liner and mascara won’t cut it. Applying Naked across the lid and buck in the crease – blended nicely with MAC’s 217 and you have a long wearing eye shadow look that implies a little bit of effort – effortlessly! If you travel a lot or happen to be going away somewhere this palette wouldn’t push you over the weight limit, it is sleek and compact with a simple design plus as it contains both matte and shimmery shades from a whole range of colours, you’ll hardly need anything else other than this.

The brush it comes with is okay, personally I’ll just use my others but it is nice that the option is there. Very handy that it comes with some of the travel size samples of their primer potions, I have the full sized version as it is a gift from the God of eye shadow staying power. I want to pick out a couple of colours that are stand out to me but I’m finding it impossible, interestingly the first time I created an evening look with this palette I opted for Darkhorse (beautiful shimmery dark army green shade) as my main colour, something I wouldn’t usually go for, so I’m quite excited about the fact I actually experimented with more colours.

Now if that hasn’t won you over, actually take a look at the Urban Decay Naked Palette:

Combination of naked across the lid and buck in the crease in all photos.

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