Do You Really Need The MAC 217 Blending Brush?

I’ve always been one for quality not quantity, so after seeing too many reviews about how amazing the 217 is, I thought it was about time I inspected the hype for myself. So, the verdict… If there is only high end brush that you ever buy I would honestly recommend it be this. I’m okay at makeup but anything fancy and I’m pretty rubbish, this brush has made complicated eyeshadow looks easy. It will set you back nearly £20, but if you’re one of those people scrolling through pinterest wishing you could get that smokey eye, you need this in your life.

The tip of the brush is short and tapered, so it sits in the crease making it so easy to use and eyeshadows are blended out so quickly. A while ago I bought a dupe for the 217 from eBay, for £1 it is good but it just doesn’t compare. The 217 washes really easily and has stayed in perfect condition and it is less scratchy on the eyelids than the comparable eBay version.

So the answer to the title is a huge yes, although I’m guessing most will have it anyway!

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