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Do You Really Need The MAC 217 Blending Brush?

I've always been one for quality not quantity, so after seeing too many reviews about how amazing the 217 is, I thought it was about time I inspected the hype for myself. So, the verdict... If there is only high end brush that you ever buy I would honestly recommend it be this. I'm okay at makeup but anything fancy and I'm pretty rubbish, this brush has made complicated eyeshadow looks easy. It will set you back nearly £20, but if you're one of those people scrolling through pinterest wishing you could get that smokey eye, you need this in your life.

The tip of the brush is short and tapered, so it sits in the crease making it so easy to use and eyeshadows are blended out so quickly. A while ago I bought a dupe for the 217 from eBay, for £1 it is good but it just doesn't compare. The 217 washes really easily and has stayed in perfect condition and it is less scratchy on the eyelids than the comparable eBay version.

So the answer to the title is a huge yes, although I'm guessing most will have it anyway!


New York Photo Album - Christmas 2014

One thing for me that I love about photography is the ability to revisit memories and have the happiness they brought triggered again, New York was an experience I will never forget. My second holiday out of Europe (the other was Egypt) and I managed to fund the experience (and the shopping) myself. I have listed some of my top tips if you're a first timer in New York

-  Don't walk everywhere. Yes do your walking around and try to see everything but I think it is worth getting a couple of taxi's or even the tube here and there otherwise it can get really tiring - I may have got a little grumpy..
-  Eat in nice places. You're going to New York, so it is worth spending that extra money on some nice food experiences while you're there... Do your research before hand and book some tables in some well rated restaurants. I loved Ellens Stardust diner, just brilliant.
-  BOOK TO SEE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IN ADVANCE. Unfortunately it was something I missed out on because I didn't book in advance, and by advance I mean atleast 30 days.
-  See a Broadway show, I saw Matilda and it was perfect.
-  Stay somewhere central, it will be a massive help.
-  Visit Grand Central, visit Central Park, visit the Natural history museum, all worth it
-  Go to the Top of the Rock, I prefered this experience much more than the Empire State.

So here are just some of the snaps - I think I took around 600 (no joke) but I am so glad I did. 

For me those photos make me fall in love with New York all over again, an experience everyone should have!


Simple Evening Makeup Look

For my New Years Eve I didn't do anything extravagant (which was perfectly fine by me) so this kind of makeup look suited the plan. With a set of eyelashes and some good contouring it could be made much more intense, but on this occasion less was just what I needed.

I opted for a natural looking finish, I didn't want anything too heavy so I used the Rimmel Match Perfection. This is my go to day time foundation, and this is the point where I am stopping myself from rambling on about just how good it is, it is just perfect. To keep this is place all night I used Macs prep and prime, I have been using this miniature sample size as my full size one is at my uni house, there is something about miniature sized products I cannot resist. I also used some concealer just to brighten up my eyes and cover the blemishes. A light dusting of the Body Shop bronzer stopped me looking so ill, and that was my base complete.

My last post seen me mention my new love - Urban Decay Naked - and I love this look I created with it, something a little smokey but it's no where near as dramatic as it could be. I started off by applying Macs Painterly paintpot all over my lids, this is a lovely base for eyeshadows but I use it on it's own on a day to day basis, goodbye to those annoying veins on your eyelids, and hello to an even base! The shades I used from the palette were naked and darkhorse, I really love the effect from these two shadows and it is nice to go with something other than the brown smokey eye I usually opt for.

Now, I am a follower, I am into the "Kylie Lip" that everyone is raving about. I don't go quite as brown toned as her but a nude lip is what I have been loving. I recently bought Brave from Mac and it kind of falls under the same category as the Kylie lip colours. Essentially a your lips but better colour which for me is the perfect alternative to creating the lip look that screams "I've been watching the Kylie makeuo tutorials on YouTube". 

I know that any evenings I might be going out this makeup look or something similar will be going with me, looking back at the photo's I'm thinking a little contouring and I will be good to go...


Urban Decay Naked Palette - Day Time Eye Makeup

I really did not want to cave and buy this, it is used left right and center and pretty pricey just for some eye shadows. However, as probably expected I am very happy that I did. Kicking myself knowing all this time I could have had quite possibly the perfect set of eye shadows in one single palette. There is so much to talk about when it comes to the Naked palette, colour selection, quality of the shadows, packaging.. So I'm going to try and give a short but sweet round up of all things, and ultimately prove why you need to welcome this palette into your makeup collection. 

The colour selection makes this palette a worthy contender for both day and evening uses. The two matte shades "naked" and "buck" offer an amazing warm tone that is so flattering against blue eyes (probably others too but I'm bias) it is just perfect for those days when the eye liner and mascara won't cut it. Applying Naked across the lid and buck in the crease - blended nicely with MAC's 217 and you have a long wearing eye shadow look that implies a little bit of effort - effortlessly! If you travel a lot or happen to be going away somewhere this palette wouldn't push you over the weight limit, it is sleek and compact with a simple design plus as it contains both matte and shimmery shades from a whole range of colours, you'll hardly need anything else other than this.

The brush it comes with is okay, personally I'll just use my others but it is nice that the option is there. Very handy that it comes with some of the travel size samples of their primer potions, I have the full sized version as it is a gift from the God of eye shadow staying power. I want to pick out a couple of colours that are stand out to me but I'm finding it impossible, interestingly the first time I created an evening look with this palette I opted for Darkhorse (beautiful shimmery dark army green shade) as my main colour, something I wouldn't usually go for, so I'm quite excited about the fact I actually experimented with more colours.

Now if that hasn't won you over, take a look at these photos...

Combination of naked across the lid and buck in the crease in all photos.

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