Christmas in New York

Christmas has been and nearly gone and the red lace that made an appearance on Christmas Day is no longer appropriate.. So New York was amazing and a must see for everyone- especially the ones who like shopping. I went to the lovely Bryant Park for my Christmas day. If you haven’t been to New York but want to go I would recommend it, I’m going to do a whole post on what you should see and a couple of tips. The outfit, maybe slightly overdressed but there were others wearing less casual outfits.

The coat did not really compliment this, however I decided it would be better to have more room in my suitcase to bring things home rather than take lots with me, I managed to gain 5kg worth of stuff in New York, so lucky that other more formal coat didn’t come with.

If you happen to be stopping over Christmas then the Grill in Bryant Park is a nice place to go, beautiful surroundings and the food was delicious, duck for starters, turkey for main and chocolate for dessert, all presented in an instagram worthy fashion and importantly the food tasted amazing. It was so nice to have something similar to the traditional Christmas dinner when I was so far away from home, they had a good variety of options on their menu that would suit pretty much everyone. The staff were lovely there and I think even without it being the festive period it is a spot in New York worth a visit.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, Happy New Year!

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