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Christmas Nails

With Christmas just around the corner now I thought it would be necessary to start doing a couple of Christmas themed posts. I didn't want to include the obvious red coloured nails so I thought I would do something a little different. Christmas to me means many things and one of them is lots of sparkle, so why not add it to the nails aswel. You can either go all out and apply glitter on every nail bt for an everyday look I thought just one was enough.


Lush Lip Scrub

Sometimes no matter how much lip balm you slap on nothing will help get rid of dry lips, this is always the case for me especially in winter. The concept of this product I actually don't like, I'm not too keen on eating my own dry skin from my lips if I'm honest, even with a bubblegum flavour. However this product does a pretty good job at removing any dry skin, a little lip balm on top for good measure and your lips will be lipstick ready. It is the perfect little addition to any pamper or a quick lip fix 

Word of warning it has to be used up within a month and my month is nearly up, so try not to just stash it in your cupboard and forget about it - maybe like I did with my first one...


A Pale Girls Bronzer - The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

It isn't often that I'm not wearing a little fake tan, as without it I am so pale it actually hurts to look. However for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to give my skin a little break and also keep a tab on how pale I really am, I have found that I am certainly not one of those girls that looks good pale and can just work with it, without a little colour I look ill.. Anyway I have found a product that will help brighten up any pale face in a non orange/tangoed way, but in a "I've been on holiday for a month and got a slight colour to my skin way!" The Body Shop bronzer in 01 is the feature of the post, the lightest bronzing powder I have ever tried and it is perfect for many reasons...

Non chalky so you're not left looking powdery and dry, provides a convincing colour that is blendable and not obviously there and it is pigmented but not to the point where it is difficult to apply. This bronzer is so compact and the mirror really helps to make it perfect for travelling and on the go touch ups. This would also make a pretty good contour too as there is non of that obvious bronzer shimmer, it is matte, which I undoubtedly prefer.. So if you're new to contouring and need something that is buildable this could also be for you.

It is always a good sign when you know you're going to repurchase a product, and I know I will be doing with this!

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