Charles Worthington Intense Moisture Seal Balm

I really struggled with the title for this one, it should really be “Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm” but it just seemed a little ridiculous so I’ll stick with the shortened version. I am constantly on a mission to find a hair mask that is going to make my hair look lovely without leaving any nasty residue at the roots and without weighing my hair down – fine + oily hair combo over here! SO after trying many products I finally stumbled across a pre wash treatment that I am pretty excited about.

Using this is a really nice luxury experience that is worthy of the money and time. I use this once a week before my hair needs a good clean. I noticed first that the balm looked solid and I was confused and worried as to how thick it would be, I was scared for my thin, I used a really small amount and it melted into my hair making it easy to apply to the ends of my hair <beware, just the ends> After the first application I could gage how much my hair needed of the product and what worked well, I use a grape sized amount and apply that to the ends, tie it together with a bobble and grab myself a green tea and some breakfast while I let it work its magic. Make sure some effort is made to rinse the product out before applying shampoo, I find this helps if any product has accidental come in contact with the roots.

I can honestly say that even after the first use my hair felt in much better condition, almost as if I had just had a fresh trim my ends looked that healthy. It left my hair feeling very light and nourished. Another good benefit of this is how practical it is to use, I often find leaving conditioning treatments on damp hair a bit of a faff, but this products makes nourishing and conditioning my hair so much easier.

This really does provide a deep nourishment so I wouldn’t really recommend it to someone who already has hair is good condition, or someone with shorter hair as it is oil based and could cause some greasy looking locks. I found that my hair kept it’s curl for longer and it was certainly a lot easier to brush which again  Fairly nice scent, not too over powering which I like. I also like that it comes in a nice box too, but that’s just me being particular. Although this is targetted towards a thicker hair type I feel like this is perfectly fine for me, although I am one of the lucky ones with fine hair, but a lot of it.

Overall I am really impressed with the results from this treatment and I will continue to use it and repurchase.

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