Michael Kors MK5076 Watch Review

A little late to the party with a Michael Kors watch, I know.. When I was on the hunt for the perfect watch I actually didn’t intend on following the designer that everyone was going absolutely crazy for, however I then stumbled upon this watch in store and it was everything I wanted, with or without the name. I was lucky enough to recieve this as a gift so thanks to my mum and step dad my wrist is now looking a lot more interesting – but its not the too your face, look at my watch interesting.

I decided on a silver instead of the rose gold or gold editions as it is just timeless. This sporty, chunky kind of watch is always in fashion and looks good for any occasion. I am one of those girls with the skinny wrists, so a lot of the chunky watches looked pretty stupid against my dinky wrist, making me also look a little like a small child trying on her mums watch. SO with that not being the desired look I wasn’t so sure how this would look on me, however I really love it. I am happy with the clean looking face, I didn’t want the dimamontes I think sometimes they can look slightly tacky.

I love the fact that this watch isn’t just a really good fashion statement, the chronograph face shows the date and allows the use of the stop watch, pretty cool, you never know when you might need to time something e.g. face mask, cooking, workouts. I have had a lot of compliments on this watch and overall I am very happy with it.

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