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Weekend Away Essentials

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be on my travels to Majorca for the weekend, which was lovely and I am pretty gutted to be home – infact, really gutted. Being a beauty fanatic and only having hand luggage are two things that don’t really go hand in hand, however after getting to grips with the 100ml allowance I packed my bag and even managed to have 2kg spare…

Ill start off with the less exciting essentials that can be added to the “need to take” list – which I have to make or I am bound to forget something! Passport, otherwise you ain’t getting no where, I think that it’s a given really although people have been known to forget them. Without headphones on a flight that is even as short as 2 hours I am pretty bored and find it quite uncomfortable, a nice alternative to a book sometimes on the beach when you are feeling really lazy or fragile from the night before. Cash in both currency’s also comes in handy for those cheeky airport purchases. 

I ended up picking some of the mini shampoos and conditioners from the airport as it was all far too last minute to be faffing with holiday shopping at home. Usually if I am going away for a longer period of time I will use the clear plastic containers from Primark that are a pound, and just transfer the products I usually use – its genius. I decided to pick up the Tresemme Volume Shampoo because I wanted one that would leave my hair feeling very clean as I was only going to be washing my hair the once over the whole weekend, I also picked up the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Conditioner as my hair does get dry in the sun and needs something like this to give it some shine back, I actually really enjoyed using this conditioner, it left my hair feeling nourished but very light weight. With me as a treatment and styling product I took my trusty Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment literally so in love, give me this and my hair is happy. I rave about this all the time and it is with good reason, it leaves my hair feeling so amazing and helps me achieve soft curls that are frizz free. The Tangle Teezer is the ultimate hair brush for that knotty holiday hair that is drenched in sea water, so without it I am pretty screwed. Oh and Batiste – off course. 

One scent that I have always loved and is particularly perfect for the warmer months is Paul Smith Floral, I tend to gravitate towards floral scents and this one is perfect as a light everyday fragrance. When it comes to the perfect holiday nail polish the only colour that springs to mind is red, okay maybe coral too but essentially a good red. Red looks perfect as both a manicure and pedicure shade so I opted for Barry M’s Jelly Paint to take with me for touch ups.

Once using a miscellar water I also like to use another face wash, I picked up the Sanctuary Spa Purifying Wash and my only fault is the smell – however if you like rose then you’ll love it. My skin was left looking good, it did not break my skin out and managed to even give my face a nice glow,and, that’s after the consumption of a few too many units… Although I have just mentioned my hate for rose scented products I also took away a sample size of the Aromatherapy Hydrating Mask – which as you’ve probably guessed smelt of rose, all your dehydrated holiday skin needs is a good hydrating mask, as seen as though I had this one in mini form, it came with. The results were nice as it left my skin feeling soft and not completely dried out by the sun.

In terms of makeup I kept things suited to the hot weather, light. My favourite lip products for hotter climates are always the moisturising sort so I couldn’t resist taking my Clarins Instant Lip Perfector, it ads a subtle colour with the benefits of a balm. I also packed on the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, this is perfect for my when skin has a bit more of a tan, slightly too orange in the winter months, but the perfect matte bronzer for the summer months, plus it is affordable. To set everything in place and stop the whole thing falling apart on a day to day basis I use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, this stuff does exactly as it claims, your makeup ain’t going no where!

I would love to hear what your weekend away essentials are!

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