Top 5 High Street Lip Products

I will not lie to you all, I am an avid MAC Lipstick girl, I know that lipsticks are one of the things that high street stores really do hit the nail on the head with, but I can’t resist them. Well done if you can and heads up if you have any tips on how to tame the addiction – thanks.

When I do delve into my Boots and Superdrug stores I always manage to find nice lipsticks. Rimmel are a stand out brand to me for lipsticks, I really love their Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks. I have the shades 101 and 107, both of which I love. If you like a nice matte lipstick that won’t make your lips feel tight, or have a drying effect, then these are perfect. 107 is the perfect deep wine colour that makes your teeth look super white. 107 is my everyday matte pink shade that I reach for, it is one of the only ones that doesn’t make my lips look dry.
Another take from Rimmel is their Moisture Renew lipsticks in love with ginger in particularly. There is something so exciting about an orange lip and this one if just lovely, I usually prefer a more matte finish with such a vibrant lipstick, however it looks amazing when on the lips. Lovely for summer with it’s glossy finish and as the name suggests it is one moisturising lipstick.

I have done a separate review on these as I am just so impressed with them, and it is the MUA Kissable Lipgloss’s. I hate those lipglosses that are sticky and then your hair gets all stuck in them, grrrr nothing that annoys me more! Anyway I’ll get on to the fact that these just do not do that! These provide a lovely pigmented wash of colour that will last around 3 hours on the lips. These are a little bit more than a  lipgloss, they do cross into the lipgloss lipstick hybrid.. Oh and these are only £2, such a bargain.

Now probably to many people’s surprise I never jumped on the ban wagon of the Revlon Lip Butters – which I now think I need. However the lipstick that has made it into here is the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in the shade Kiss Me Coral (750). This lipstick is one of the most long lasting yet moisturising lipstick I am yet to try from the high street. It also doesn’t fade leaving you looking like a clown, it leaves a nice tint to the lips that is easy to re apply over. If the name has not already given it away, it is a lovely coral shade, perfect for the warmer months that are coming up.

When it comes to keeping my lips protected I am all for it. I have had to include the Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm as it smells amazing and is one of my favourite products to take away on holiday. It is also very moisturising and provides protection during the sun with its SPF of 15. An all time favorite lip balm that is needed when serious dry lips are happening is Carmex, it is literally the only thing I need when my lips need a good help in hand, it restores then back to normal and makes lipstick wearing possible again. Some people really cannot stand the smell, so give this a whiff before you purchase, however I really don’t mind it.

Most of these if not all of these products are under £8, no there is no excuse not to have some lovely lipsticks in your collection.

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