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Nars Valparaiso Lipstick Review

I am still all over the hype around these deep berry lipsticks, the main ones being Rimmels 107 from the Kate Moss collection and MAC’s Rebel, but now this, a take from Nars. I know they are not really summer appropriate and they will be worn mainly in the winter months, but I couldn’t resist telling you about this, plus I still enjoy wearing these darker colours now, expecially for a night out.

Nars are a brand that just screams luxury to me, and I have that many lipsticks I might aswel open up my own makeup counter, so one more won’t hurt. This lipstick is matte, yes it is slightly drying and clinging to all your dry lip skin matte but still a comfortable long wearing matte, I find it silly to complain about that, exfoliation makes every lipstick look miles better so it’s the extra step I take when wearing a matte one. The colour is a blue toned raspberry shade that makes your teeth look whiter and skin look darker – absolute winner. Gorgeous slim line packaging which makes bringing this lipstick around one hell of an easy. When wearing a shade like this it is pretty standard to worry about smudging and having it on your teeth, with this it is so low maintenance. Once this is applied there will be no touch ups needed for hours, it is just incredibly long lasting.

This lipstick is gorgeous to wear with minimal makeup or in the evening with a little bit more, the highly pigmented colour is perfect for anyone looking for a lipstick this shade.

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