My Top Skincare – Oily Skin

When it comes to the topic of skin care I am quite a picky bugger like most, and if something doesn’t work after a month, it will sit there and collect dust until I give it another shot, and if it still fails to help my skin, it’s a goner. All of the products mentioned are suitable to my skin, I have oily skin prone to breakouts so hopefully this will give you a helpful insight into what works for me, and the products I enjoy to use. Prepair yourself for a hefty post by the way…

The Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish has been the staple, holy grail product in my skincare routine for a couple of years now. I love this cleanser for so many reasons, it manages to clear my skin of all makeup leaving it feeling super smooth. When it comes to a cleanser I just look for something basic and what does the job of removing all the makeup so that the other products I use etc masks and treatments will work to their optimal potential. The refreshing scent that comes along with the Cleanse and Polish makes it perfect for the morning as it contains Rosemary oil and Eucalyptus oil, both of these feel so refreshing and make a good start to my day.
Obviously in the morning my skin is already free of makeup from the nightly cleanse, so, in the evening I feel like I need something extra to really break down the makeup I’m wearing that day. One of the most recent entries to the skincare collection is the raved about oil from The Body Shop (which I have recently done a separate review on). The silky chamomile based cleanser for a start smells so soothing as an evening makeup remover, (chamomile = bedtime)  but it also removes all makeup effortlessly, you can feel this product breaking up the stubborn mascara on your eyes, and making your skin instantly clearer – so perfect and therapeutic to use and feel all the makeup slipping off your skin. Your makeup will be removed within less than a minute…

Once my skin is nice and clean, the next step is a good mask (my favourite step by far, instant gratification for the win) my most recent splurge is this next product – something cringey here to describe how amazing it is… The Ren Gylcolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is the perfect solution to dry looking skin, it is the pick me up in a pump, it provides results over night leaving skin radiant and smooth. I enjoy using this product the evening before doing something special, the hefty £30 price tag means no unnecessarily usage, if it is in your skincare budge, press the confirm order button. When you’re an oily skin gal like me a good clay mask is essential. I really enjoy using the Una Brennan Tea Tree Mask, it is a very simple clay mask that just helps to remove excess dirt and oil, the smell for me isn’t the best but it is something I am willing to cope with as this is a nice mask.

As for treatments La Roshe Posay is my brand of choice, the Effeclar Duo is the perfect treatment to help reduce excess oil and spots on the skin. I use this treatment in the morning and night, I also love how in the mornings it acts as the perfect base for my makeup. In the evening if I have one of those lovely red under the skin spots I’ll pop on a little sudacrem and the good old stuff really does a good job at reducing the redness. I also use a little of their moisturiser at night, just so the treatments don’t dry out my skin too much. As soon as I seen Amelia Liana call it the best budget moisturiser, it was mine, and I agree. Very simply keeps skin feeling soft and smooth and perfect for someone with an oilier complexsion, I will keep repurchasing the La Roshe Posay Effeclar H moisturiser for a long time.

Pheeeeew, nearly there now, just a few goodies that are perfect for travel and those lazy nights when you may have had one or two drinks too many, or too many hours in work. The Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water is my favourite of them all – yes that is over Bioderma. It removes my makeup without any irritation and removes it pretty well. What more could I ask for, no breakouts, no irritation, simply a good makeup remover. The Lush Tea Tree Toner is a safe product for me to use, its guaranteed for me to wake up with clear skin if I am having one of those lazy one off nights when the last thing I can be bothered to do is a good cleanse. I also like using a toner as an extra step when I do cleanse sometimes, as it is refreshing and makes my skin feel clear and ready for treatments.

I really love experimenting with my skincare, there is nothing better than lovely skin under the makeup.

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