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I am excited about this post, because like most beauty bloggers I love a good MAC lipstick. When it comes to lipsticks MAC just tick the box everytime, any formulation or colour you need they are sure to sort you out. I thought I would do a much needed post on all the little gems that I am lucky enough to have in my collection. A lot of the time I buy these lipsticks at duty free or when I can get money off, in fact I think every single one of them I have done that with, so it makes them a little less than their usual £15 price tag that seems some what hard to justify for a lipstick <for some, but unfortunatly for the old savings account, not me…>

When I first started my MAC lipstick collection I was very needy of all things nude or pale, I wanted to build a collection of the perfect nude shades as I could never find any decent ones on the highstreet. My first ever MAC lipsticks which to this day is still an all time favourite is Creme Cup a lovely creamy pink that provides the prettiest baby pink to the lips with a nice gloss to it, the perfect pink for a strong smokey eye in my opinion. The first bright shade that I purchased was Love Forever from the pro longwear range, this is so pretty in the warmer months and looks amazing with just mascara, very easy to wear, the blue under tones also make this one a winner in terms of making your teeth look whiter.

Shy Girl and Hue are the most daring in my collection for me, I have to be a certain shade of pale to pull these off – yes I never really fit into that tanned category…These for others are their everyday shades but for me they’re border line “concealer lips,” so lovely for a summers evening but something I keep clear of at my palest. Shy girl is the nude with peach undertones and Hue is the classic nude with a more pink undertone.

I really love the deep purple and berry shades that were big the previous winter, they make any makeup look that little more dramatic and fun (unless you get it on your teeth). A more recent MAC purchase is Rebel which is one of their most popular shades which falls under that berry category, its raspberry colour makes it perfect for most skin tones and amazing for a bold night out lip, it’s non drying with a satin finish. Another lipstick on the bolder side that I had to buy after trying my friends is Up The Amp lipstick, I really needed it in my life. My lips feel nourished but still have an extremely pigmented shade on them. This lipstick is one of those that again is good for the minimal eye makeup days, as the name suggests it’s vibrant.

A lot of the lipsticks here are pretty similar, especially Snob and Pink Plaid. My absolute favourite of the two without a doubt being Snob, as it is simply not as drying, as pink plaid comes with that matte formulation that loves to cling to all the dry patches. Snob is a highly pigmented pastel looking baby doll pink – if you don’t know already. Again it’s a popular one but for good reason. I love wearing this lipstick on a night out as it’s long lasting and vibrant but just not so vibrant that your lips are screaming for attention, not quite sure where I am going with this, it’s just lovely so go and have a look. One lipstick I am a tiny little bit disappointed in is Plink. If I had seen this in store it would have been a no from me – sorry for that, I can’t help myself.. but the online shopping made me pick it up, it is just boring! I could find an alternative to this in a cheaper format very quickly, don’t get me wrong a nice little lipstick, just not worth that £15 price tag.

Shy girl – Rebel – Love Forever – Pink Plaid – Creme Cup – Up The Amp – Hue – Snob – Plink

I would love any suggestions of lipsticks you think I might like from MAC, as you can probably tell…

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