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Mac Lipstick Collection

I am excited about this post, because like most beauty bloggers I love a good MAC lipstick. When it comes to lipsticks MAC just tick the box everytime, any formulation or colour you need they are sure to sort you out. I thought I would do a much needed post on all the little gems that I am lucky enough to have in my collection. A lot of the time I buy these lipsticks at duty free or when I can get money off, in fact I think every single one of them I have done that with, so it makes them a little less than their usual £15 price tag that seems some what hard to justify for a lipstick <for some, but unfortunatly for the old savings account, not me...>

When I first started my MAC lipstick collection I was very needy of all things nude or pale, I wanted to build a collection of the perfect nude shades as I could never find any decent ones on the highstreet. My first ever MAC lipsticks which to this day is still an all time favourite is Creme Cup a lovely creamy pink that provides the prettiest baby pink to the lips with a nice gloss to it, the perfect pink for a strong smokey eye in my opinion. The first bright shade that I purchased was Love Forever from the pro longwear range, this is so pretty in the warmer months and looks amazing with just mascara, very easy to wear, the blue under tones also make this one a winner in terms of making your teeth look whiter.

Shy Girl and Hue are the most daring in my collection for me, I have to be a certain shade of pale to pull these off - yes I never really fit into that tanned category...These for others are their everyday shades but for me they're border line "concealer lips," so lovely for a summers evening but something I keep clear of at my palest. Shy girl is the nude with peach undertones and Hue is the classic nude with a more pink undertone.

I really love the deep purple and berry shades that were big the previous winter, they make any makeup look that little more dramatic and fun (unless you get it on your teeth). A more recent MAC purchase is Rebel which is one of their most popular shades which falls under that berry category, its raspberry colour makes it perfect for most skin tones and amazing for a bold night out lip, it's non drying with a satin finish. Another lipstick on the bolder side that I had to buy after trying my friends is Up The Amp lipstick, I really needed it in my life. My lips feel nourished but still have an extremely pigmented shade on them. This lipstick is one of those that again is good for the minimal eye makeup days, as the name suggests it's vibrant.

A lot of the lipsticks here are pretty similar, especially Snob and Pink Plaid. My absolute favourite of the two without a doubt being Snob, as it is simply not as drying, as pink plaid comes with that matte formulation that loves to cling to all the dry patches. Snob is a highly pigmented pastel looking baby doll pink - if you don't know already. Again it's a popular one but for good reason. I love wearing this lipstick on a night out as it's long lasting and vibrant but just not so vibrant that your lips are screaming for attention, not quite sure where I am going with this, it's just lovely so go and have a look. One lipstick I am a tiny little bit disappointed in is Plink. If I had seen this in store it would have been a no from me - sorry for that, I can't help myself.. but the online shopping made me pick it up, it is just boring! I could find an alternative to this in a cheaper format very quickly, don't get me wrong a nice little lipstick, just not worth that £15 price tag.

Shy girl - Rebel - Love Forever - Pink Plaid - Creme Cup - Up The Amp - Hue - Snob - Plink

I would love any suggestions of lipsticks you think I might like from MAC, as you can probably tell...


Weekend Away Essentials

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be on my travels to Majorca for the weekend, which was lovely and I am pretty gutted to be home - infact, really gutted. Being a beauty fanatic and only having hand luggage are two things that don't really go hand in hand, however after getting to grips with the 100ml allowance I packed my bag and even managed to have 2kg spare...

Ill start off with the less exciting essentials that can be added to the "need to take" list - which I have to make or I am bound to forget something! Passport, otherwise you ain't getting no where, I think that it's a given really although people have been known to forget them. Without headphones on a flight that is even as short as 2 hours I am pretty bored and find it quite uncomfortable, a nice alternative to a book sometimes on the beach when you are feeling really lazy or fragile from the night before. Cash in both currency's also comes in handy for those cheeky airport purchases. 

I ended up picking some of the mini shampoos and conditioners from the airport as it was all far too last minute to be faffing with holiday shopping at home. Usually if I am going away for a longer period of time I will use the clear plastic containers from Primark that are a pound, and just transfer the products I usually use - its genius. I decided to pick up the Tresemme Volume Shampoo because I wanted one that would leave my hair feeling very clean as I was only going to be washing my hair the once over the whole weekend, I also picked up the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Conditioner as my hair does get dry in the sun and needs something like this to give it some shine back, I actually really enjoyed using this conditioner, it left my hair feeling nourished but very light weight. With me as a treatment and styling product I took my trusty Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment literally so in love, give me this and my hair is happy. I rave about this all the time and it is with good reason, it leaves my hair feeling so amazing and helps me achieve soft curls that are frizz free. The Tangle Teezer is the ultimate hair brush for that knotty holiday hair that is drenched in sea water, so without it I am pretty screwed. Oh and Batiste - off course. 

One scent that I have always loved and is particularly perfect for the warmer months is Paul Smith Floral, I tend to gravitate towards floral scents and this one is perfect as a light everyday fragrance. When it comes to the perfect holiday nail polish the only colour that springs to mind is red, okay maybe coral too but essentially a good red. Red looks perfect as both a manicure and pedicure shade so I opted for Barry M's Jelly Paint to take with me for touch ups.

Once using a miscellar water I also like to use another face wash, I picked up the Sanctuary Spa Purifying Wash and my only fault is the smell - however if you like rose then you'll love it. My skin was left looking good, it did not break my skin out and managed to even give my face a nice glow,and, that's after the consumption of a few too many units... Although I have just mentioned my hate for rose scented products I also took away a sample size of the Aromatherapy Hydrating Mask - which as you've probably guessed smelt of rose, all your dehydrated holiday skin needs is a good hydrating mask, as seen as though I had this one in mini form, it came with. The results were nice as it left my skin feeling soft and not completely dried out by the sun.

In terms of makeup I kept things suited to the hot weather, light. My favourite lip products for hotter climates are always the moisturising sort so I couldn't resist taking my Clarins Instant Lip Perfector, it ads a subtle colour with the benefits of a balm. I also packed on the Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, this is perfect for my when skin has a bit more of a tan, slightly too orange in the winter months, but the perfect matte bronzer for the summer months, plus it is affordable. To set everything in place and stop the whole thing falling apart on a day to day basis I use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, this stuff does exactly as it claims, your makeup ain't going no where!

I would love to hear what your weekend away essentials are!


My Top Skincare - Oily Skin

When it comes to the topic of skin care I am quite a picky bugger like most, and if something doesn't work after a month, it will sit there and collect dust until I give it another shot, and if it still fails to help my skin, it's a goner. All of the products mentioned are suitable to my skin, I have oily skin prone to breakouts so hopefully this will give you a helpful insight into what works for me, and the products I enjoy to use. Prepair yourself for a hefty post by the way...

The Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish has been the staple, holy grail product in my skincare routine for a couple of years now. I love this cleanser for so many reasons, it manages to clear my skin of all makeup leaving it feeling super smooth. When it comes to a cleanser I just look for something basic and what does the job of removing all the makeup so that the other products I use etc masks and treatments will work to their optimal potential. The refreshing scent that comes along with the Cleanse and Polish makes it perfect for the morning as it contains Rosemary oil and Eucalyptus oil, both of these feel so refreshing and make a good start to my day.
Obviously in the morning my skin is already free of makeup from the nightly cleanse, so, in the evening I feel like I need something extra to really break down the makeup I'm wearing that day. One of the most recent entries to the skincare collection is the raved about oil from The Body Shop (which I have recently done a separate review on). The silky chamomile based cleanser for a start smells so soothing as an evening makeup remover, (chamomile = bedtime)  but it also removes all makeup effortlessly, you can feel this product breaking up the stubborn mascara on your eyes, and making your skin instantly clearer - so perfect and therapeutic to use and feel all the makeup slipping off your skin. Your makeup will be removed within less than a minute...

Once my skin is nice and clean, the next step is a good mask (my favourite step by far, instant gratification for the win) my most recent splurge is this next product - something cringey here to describe how amazing it is... The Ren Gylcolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is the perfect solution to dry looking skin, it is the pick me up in a pump, it provides results over night leaving skin radiant and smooth. I enjoy using this product the evening before doing something special, the hefty £30 price tag means no unnecessarily usage, if it is in your skincare budge, press the confirm order button. When you're an oily skin gal like me a good clay mask is essential. I really enjoy using the Una Brennan Tea Tree Mask, it is a very simple clay mask that just helps to remove excess dirt and oil, the smell for me isn't the best but it is something I am willing to cope with as this is a nice mask.

As for treatments La Roshe Posay is my brand of choice, the Effeclar Duo is the perfect treatment to help reduce excess oil and spots on the skin. I use this treatment in the morning and night, I also love how in the mornings it acts as the perfect base for my makeup. In the evening if I have one of those lovely red under the skin spots I'll pop on a little sudacrem and the good old stuff really does a good job at reducing the redness. I also use a little of their moisturiser at night, just so the treatments don't dry out my skin too much. As soon as I seen Amelia Liana call it the best budget moisturiser, it was mine, and I agree. Very simply keeps skin feeling soft and smooth and perfect for someone with an oilier complexsion, I will keep repurchasing the La Roshe Posay Effeclar H moisturiser for a long time.

Pheeeeew, nearly there now, just a few goodies that are perfect for travel and those lazy nights when you may have had one or two drinks too many, or too many hours in work. The Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water is my favourite of them all - yes that is over Bioderma. It removes my makeup without any irritation and removes it pretty well. What more could I ask for, no breakouts, no irritation, simply a good makeup remover. The Lush Tea Tree Toner is a safe product for me to use, its guaranteed for me to wake up with clear skin if I am having one of those lazy one off nights when the last thing I can be bothered to do is a good cleanse. I also like using a toner as an extra step when I do cleanse sometimes, as it is refreshing and makes my skin feel clear and ready for treatments.

I really love experimenting with my skincare, there is nothing better than lovely skin under the makeup.


Top 5 High Street Lip Products

I will not lie to you all, I am an avid MAC Lipstick girl, I know that lipsticks are one of the things that high street stores really do hit the nail on the head with, but I can't resist them. Well done if you can and heads up if you have any tips on how to tame the addiction - thanks.

When I do delve into my Boots and Superdrug stores I always manage to find nice lipsticks. Rimmel are a stand out brand to me for lipsticks, I really love their Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks. I have the shades 101 and 107, both of which I love. If you like a nice matte lipstick that won't make your lips feel tight, or have a drying effect, then these are perfect. 107 is the perfect deep wine colour that makes your teeth look super white. 107 is my everyday matte pink shade that I reach for, it is one of the only ones that doesn't make my lips look dry.
Another take from Rimmel is their Moisture Renew lipsticks - in love with ginger in particularly. There is something so exciting about an orange lip and this one if just lovely, I usually prefer a more matte finish with such a vibrant lipstick, however it looks amazing when on the lips. Lovely for summer with it's glossy finish and as the name suggests it is one moisturising lipstick.

I have done a separate review on these as I am just so impressed with them, and it is the MUA Kissable Lipgloss's. I hate those lipglosses that are sticky and then your hair gets all stuck in them, grrrr nothing that annoys me more! Anyway I'll get on to the fact that these just do not do that! These provide a lovely pigmented wash of colour that will last around 3 hours on the lips. These are a little bit more than a  lipgloss, they do cross into the lipgloss lipstick hybrid.. Oh and these are only £2, such a bargain.

Now probably to many people's surprise I never jumped on the ban wagon of the Revlon Lip Butters - which I now think I need. However the lipstick that has made it into here is the Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in the shade Kiss Me Coral (750). This lipstick is one of the most long lasting yet moisturising lipstick I am yet to try from the high street. It also doesn't fade leaving you looking like a clown, it leaves a nice tint to the lips that is easy to re apply over. If the name has not already given it away, it is a lovely coral shade, perfect for the warmer months that are coming up.

When it comes to keeping my lips protected I am all for it. I have had to include the Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm as it smells amazing and is one of my favourite products to take away on holiday. It is also very moisturising and provides protection during the sun with its SPF of 15. An all time favorite lip balm that is needed when serious dry lips are happening is Carmex, it is literally the only thing I need when my lips need a good help in hand, it restores then back to normal and makes lipstick wearing possible again. Some people really cannot stand the smell, so give this a whiff before you purchase, however I really don't mind it.

Most of these if not all of these products are under £8, no there is no excuse not to have some lovely lipsticks in your collection.


The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil

Literally just as I was writing the title for this post I have remembered that I actually did my year 10 work experience at my local body shop, yes they did make me stand outside handing out flyers for a whole day <thanks a lot>. One good memory I remember was getting the chance to speak to a customer about the body shop sea weed range, and I was pretty chuffed when I had convinced her to buy a lot of the range for her teenage daughter (pat on the back to my 14 year old self). Anyway this post is not about that range but about a product that has been so hyped around, it has been hyped about by people that have previously splashed out on nice skincare, so that says a lot about this product.

I think the key ingredient for a good skincare routine is the cleanser, without that the days makeup will still be clogging up your pores making all that hard work on face masks and serums pointless.. I love using the Camomile Body Shop Cleansing Oil within my evening skincare routine, for the basic reason that I am yet to find something that removes all my makeup as well as this does. Within a couple of seconds of gently massaging this into my skin my makeup is breaking up making it easy to just wash away. I work this into my eye makeup and shortly begin to feel all of the mascara and grime breaking up and removing itself from the lashes. Rinsing this off,skin is left feeling lovely and soft without a trace of makeup in sight. The camomile scent is also a nice touch to an evening skin care product.

I am yet to break out using this product after two weeks, so it is safe to say that it won't be leaving me with bad skin anytime soon. Even when this was put to the test for rinsing off a nights out worth of makeup (which really is too much makeup) it was very impressive removing every last bit. Two pumps is all it takes, three at a push, making this the next new affordable cleanser that really gets the job done.


Nars Valparaiso Lipstick

I am still all over the hype around these deep berry lipsticks, the main ones being Rimmels 107 from the Kate Moss collection and MAC's Rebel, but now this, a take from Nars. I know they are not really summer appropriate and they will be worn mainly in the winter months, but I couldn't resist telling you about this, plus I still enjoy wearing these darker colours now, expecially for a night out.

Nars are a brand that just screams luxury to me, and I have that many lipsticks I might aswel open up my own makeup counter, so one more won't hurt. This lipstick is matte, yes it is slightly drying and clinging to all your dry lip skin matte but still a comfortable long wearing matte, I find it silly to complain about that, exfoliation makes every lipstick look miles better so it's the extra step I take when wearing a matte one. The colour is a blue toned raspberry shade that makes your teeth look whiter and skin look darker - absolute winner. Gorgeous slim line packaging which makes bringing this lipstick around one hell of an easy. When wearing a shade like this it is pretty standard to worry about smudging and having it on your teeth, with this it is so low maintenance. Once this is applied there will be no touch ups needed for hours, it is just incredibly long lasting.

This lipstick is gorgeous to wear with minimal makeup or in the evening with a little bit more, the highly pigmented colour is perfect for anyone looking for a lipstick this shade.

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