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MAC Vino Lip Liner Review

Does wearing a lip liner under your lipstick really matter? Well I didn’t used to see the hype. A few years back the mention of lip liner would make me vision that brown lipliner with sheer pink lip gloss look people actually went for. However I am now enjoying the bright lipsticks that need precise application without a smudge out of line, so lipliners actually do come in handy.

This post is dedicated to MAC’s ‘Rebel’ that really does benefit from a precise line as a guide to it’s deep raspberry shade. I love this lipstick for a night out as it is something different, a nice sophisticated alternative to the nude shades I am used to wearing, complimented so well by MAC vino lip liner.

The lipliner is in the shade “Vino” which as the name suggests is a deep wine colour. This liner could be doing with being a little lighter but the overall effect is still lovely. With the liner “Rebel” will stay on my lips for a good 7 hours without any bleeding of the colour or transferring, so for an extra two minutes on those busy mornings I have to say that lip liner is worth it. If you prefer a softer looking lip colour then liners probably arent for you, expecially this one, as it really does make your lips stand out by highlighting your cupids bow and lip shape.

I think the pro’s of using a lip liner – Precise application, longer lashing colour, lipstick that actually stays on your lips. Outweigh the con’s of – Having to spend more time on your makeup

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