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Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara Review

I was kind of reluctant to mention this on here as it’s not the cheery review that really makes you want to go out and buy something, infact it is the complete opposite! However there is a nice ending to a review that is really slating a product, woops! So you’ve guess it, my review of the Maybelline Colossal Volume express mascara isn’t a good one. I picked this up from ASDA (as it was only £5) thinking it was the original “smoky eyes” version – which I have now picked up and I am waiting to use… Using this has been difficult to say the least, this is nothing at all like the original.

I am blessed with naturally very long lashes that need some help in the volume department. I try to go for a mascara that will give me fuller looking lashes. So, now you know what I like, think of something that does the complete opposite… This mascara is for a start extremely wet in formula, it’s like watery in a way so it just doesn’t cling to the lashes or make them any longer (so there’s any length out of the window). The consistency therefore ruins everything else, making my lashes stick together which effectively gives me around 4 eyelashes to work with as they are all clumped. Throughout the day it starts to flake and you end up with some black clumps below your eyes, nice. The wand makes any good volume or length from root to tip quite tricky when you have longer lashes, as I found it difficult to reach the corners of my eyes. I know the potential that the original version of this, it is a really nice high street mascara that retails at around £7. So this review is basically, learn from my mistake.

 (sorry for the close up! – but the photo’s say it all..)

(the nicer ending) – The original version really is a bargain and a great mascara that gives all round nice results achieving both volume and length, so Maybelline hasn’t let me down completely.

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