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MAC’s Studio Fix Powder – Review

Everything that I repurchase I make sure I talk about on here as if I repurchase it, it means I have a lot of love for it. Since day one I have loved this powder and found it hard not to use every single day, so when I lost it on a night out – luckily there wasn’t too much left – a repurchase was 100% necessary. Quite a scary price for a powder don’t get me wrong, I am a saver aswel as a spender, but this is worth it. Another good thing is you can try this before you buy it, don’t ever hesitate to try high end beauty products before you buy them, at the end of the day it is a lot of money to loose if you end up not liking something – can you tell I like to ramble…

The studio fix powder is one of the only base products I use from MAC, I don’t get on well with their foundations as the colours don’t look great on me, but this I really love. I think it is safe to say that this product has slipped into the holy grail category for me, everything appears more even and my makeup feels finished after using this, it glides over pores leaving them non existent which is much needed. It is a finely milled powder adding a medium/ full coverage, I like to use this over the top of a light- medium foundation as I need that extra coverage for my oily skin. The results from this are a non-cakey (if you don’t shovel it on) semi matte finish, Its the difference between skin that just looks ok, and skin that looks finished. I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush and a light hand. Using this as a foundation you can achieve different coverage’s, from a good medium coverage to a full coverage base. If I am going out for the evening I will pop this over any makeup to set it, and I come home with skin that still isn’t as oily as anything like I usually would.

Like most things on my blog this is a must have for oily skin girls, even just applied down the T-zone it won’t look out of place at all, it will just set that area for the day.

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