MAC’s Creme Cup – Review

For a beauty enthusiast or just a makeup wearer, mac lipsticks are something that everyone needs to experience. On the priceier side at £15 they are not your cheapest, but the quality and colour range means there is the perfect lipstick for anyone, plus they come with that iconic vanilla scent.

On today’s agenda is an all time favourite that I have wanted to blog about for a while (but I didn’t have a nice clean one, my old one was tattered and not picture worthy) so now I have a new Creme Cup in my life, I am ready to share my thoughts. It’s one of my favourite formulations (cremesheen) as it provides a vivid colour that looks slightly glossy and creamy on the lips <yes the name gives it away, lovely creamy formulation>. Personally for lectures I like to keep my makeup minimal, some mascara and maybe a tad of eyeliner if you’re lucky, so this lipstick is perfect for keeping things simple, but not boring. This lipstick gives you that ‘I’ve made effort’ look., I usually wear this for day time or with a really deep smokey eye in the evening. It doesn’t wash me out or make me look like a “chav” with the whole baby pink concealer lips, it’s just pretty and quite girly. So if you are looking for the in between of pink and nude, this is it.

I think if you are someone who is looking for a good all rounder lipstick that isn’t at all scary like the summer brights we are seeing around, then this is a lovely option. It’s an oldy, but a goody.


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