Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Review

Anything claiming to be refreshing and a help to my overly oily complexion then I need it in my life. I stopped using toners for quite a while as I felt like I was using too much on my skin and over working it, but for those mornings when I need something a little more refreshing, or the evenings after a heavy makeup day the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner is the perfect fix. It’s the tea tree scent that gives it that refreshing kick, this product is also full of antibacterial goodness so the perfect product to use after a good cleanse to remove all the final bits of grime.

Having skin prone to spots a good toner can work wonders. I like to use this after cleansing my skin then before I apply any needed spot treatments and moisturiser. I have noticed a reduction in the amount of spots that I have been getting – winner, and also that my skin seems much calmer than it has been. It is easy to forget about all the little things like, how dirty your phone screen and pillows can become, the antibacterial elements within this will help remove any dirt that can occur from everyday life.

I tend to use this product on the days I have been exercising, as quite frankly it is a refreshing treatment to remove sweat- nice. I just apply it to a cotton pad then gently wipe over my face, concentrating on the t-zone. It does say on the bottle that you can spray the mist directly onto your face, however I wouldn’t recommend that as toners can be quite harsh and it may irritate your eyes.

Using this toner is conjunction with other products has really been helping my skin stay on track, I will be repurchasing this for sure!

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