Easter 2014.

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume, I have literally become obsessed and I have been wearing it most days. 2. I am currently looking after my dog as my mum is on holiday – jealous This picture shows her up to no good! 3. I should have been revising but instead I was watching one of my favourite YouTubers, I love her style, she is amazing. 4. Me actually cracking on with revision… With the help of some Dolly Mix. 5. A gorgeous bralet I picked up from Topshop, the sexiest thing my wardrobe has ever seen. 6. Oh and at first I ended up picking the wrong size as the two tags said different things – very annoying. I am still questionning if I should keep this, out of the comfort zone completely, plus I unfortunately don’t have the abs to pull it off. 7. It’s been a gorgeous spring and the blossom is just too pretty not to picture, hence why most instagram profile’s are filled with the stuff. 8. Happy birthday to my boyfriends mum, we decided to cheat and just buy her a cake as we were short for time, she appreciated it non the less. 9. My boyfriend had already treated his mum to something for her birthday, so we decided to just pick her up some small bits to open. 10. Trying to get back on the health kick, instead I ended up eating a fudge and a freddo yesterday… Exam stress = excuse for chocolate. 11. Now I ordered some pretty exciting stuff from ASOS and it came in the tattiest packaging, the box was literally about to fall apart, thankfully what I ordered was ok! 12. Some items I have been wanting for ages, watch this space people, thanks to 25% off for students at ASOS! I was trying really hard to get the Nars sheer glow too, but they had sold out within 5 minutes – so so sad. 13. A lovely little free gift with this months Marie Clare magazine – everyone loves a freebie.

This Easter has been full of work, some blogging and revision for the most part. I have been dining out quite a lot, but I don’t think that whacking out this great big camera to take a snap of my food is quite necessary. I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter, I will be uploading posts twice a week through May as I have exams. Good luck to anyone else who does too..

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