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Barry M Gelly Nail Paints

I know I am late on the bandwagon to walk about these nail polishes, however pretty much every time I paint my nails I find myself reaching for them. I thought a good review of the small (but growing) collection I have was necessary. Firstly how amazing is the palest of blue shades “mint candy apple,” I am happy to wear this colour throughout the whole of spring, it is that pastel blue colour I like, rather than the powder blue shade I keep seeing dotted about.

In terms of consistency and finishes these nail polishes leave a glossy gel polish look, I remember someone asking me where I got my nails done thinking it was shellac! All bar one of these is easy to apply and you are good to go with two coats. The one I am a little let down in terms of consistency is infact the one I was raving about earlier (mint candy apple). The reason for this is that it seems to have a more watery consistency than the others, it feels less gel like and more like your average nail polish, however the colour is perfect so I am learning to live with that.

I really recommend picking some of these up if you haven’t already, they have a really good colour range and I think they are retailing at around £4!

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