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Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

I was kind of reluctant to mention this on here as it's not the cheery review that really makes you want to go out and buy something, infact it is the complete opposite! However there is a nice ending to a review that is really slating a product, woops! I picked this up from ASDA (as it was only £5) thinking it was the original "smoky eyes" version - which I have now picked up and I am waiting to use... Using this has been difficult to say the least, this is nothing at all like the original.

I am blessed with naturally very long lashes that need some help in the volume department. I try to go for a mascara that will give me fuller looking lashes. So, now you know what I like, think of something that does the complete opposite... This mascara is for a start extremely wet in formula, it's like watery in a way so it just doesn't cling to the lashes or make them any longer (so there's any length out of the window). The consistency therefore ruins everything else, making my lashes stick together which effectively gives me around 4 eyelashes to work with as they are all clumped. Throughout the day it starts to flake and you end up with some black clumps below your eyes, nice. The wand makes any good volume or length from root to tip quite tricky when you have longer lashes, as I found it difficult to reach the corners of my eyes. I know the potential that the original version of this, it is a really nice high street mascara that retails at around £7. So this review is basically, learn from my mistake.

 (sorry for the close up! - but the photo's say it all..)

(the nicer ending) - The original version really is a bargain and a great mascara that gives all round nice results achieving both volume and length, so Maybelline hasn't let me down completely.


The Lip Liner

Does wearing a lip liner under your lipstick really matter? Well I didn't used to see the hype. A few years back the mention of lip liner would make me vision that brown lipliner with sheer pink lip gloss look people actually went for. However I am now enjoying the bright lipsticks that need precise application without a smudge out of line, so lipliners actually do come in handy.

This post is dedicated to MAC's 'Rebel' that really does benefit from a precise line as a guide to it's deep raspberry shade. I love this lipstick for a night out as it is something different, a nice sophisticated alternative to the nude shades I am used to wearing.

The lipliner is in the shade "Vino" which as the name suggests is a deep wine colour. This liner could be doing with being a little lighter but the overall effect is still lovely. With the liner "Rebel" will stay on my lips for a good 7 hours without any bleeding of the colour or transferring, so for an extra two minutes on those busy mornings I have to say that lip liner is worth it. If you prefer a softer looking lip colour then liners probably arent for you, expecially this one, as it really does make your lips stand out by highlighting your cupids bow and lip shape.

I think the pro's of using a lip liner - Precise application, longer lashing colour, lipstick that actually stays on your lips. Outweigh the con's of - Having to spend more time on your makeup


Birthday Celebrations

For my mums birthday my family and myself decided to take a trip to Manchester, where we spent half of the day in the Trafford centre before an evening meal at an amazing Indian restaurant called Akbars- baring in mind I live around an hour and a half away, so it is worth the drive. I picked up some bits from the Primark section in Selfridges as quite frankly it is one hell of an easy to pick out some gorgeous things in there rather than the bigger ones, and they are also good for sizes too which is a massive bonus. It was a horrible rainy day but over all a lovely one as it meant spending time with the family. I also made a cheeky trip into MAC for a matching lip liner to rebel (yes I'm late to the party) and I picked up some pretty midi rings too which my boyfriend described as 'pointless' - maybe. I did gawp around Victoria Secret and then contemplate paying £60 for a new bra and knickers, but then my student mind went against it and I opted for a little coin purse instead, which is actually a gorgeous buy. So considering it was actually my mums birthday, I did pretty well too!

Yes the choice of footwear isn't to everyone's taste, they are more of a night out boot that I would wear without the socks. My mum doesn't like birthday cake so cheese cakes were the best option and my boyfriend doesn't like photo's so getting one with him is always a struggle.

Hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, even if it was a little rainy! 


MAC's Studio Fix Powder - Review

Everything that I repurchase I make sure I talk about on here as if I repurchase it, it means I have a lot of love for it. Since day one I have loved this powder and found it hard not to use every single day, so when I lost it on a night out - luckily there wasn't too much left - a repurchase was 100% necessary. Quite a scary price for a powder don't get me wrong, I am a saver aswel as a spender, but this is worth it. Another good thing is you can try this before you buy it, don't ever hesitate to try high end beauty products before you buy them, at the end of the day it is a lot of money to loose if you end up not liking something - can you tell I like to ramble...

The studio fix powder is one of the only base products I use from MAC, I don't get on well with their foundations as the colours don't look great on me, but this I really love. I think it is safe to say that this product has slipped into the holy grail category for me, everything appears more even and my makeup feels finished after using this, it glides over pores leaving them non existent which is much needed. It is a finely milled powder adding a medium/ full coverage, I like to use this over the top of a light- medium foundation as I need that extra coverage for my oily skin. The results from this are a non-cakey (if you don't shovel it on) semi matte finish, Its the difference between skin that just looks ok, and skin that looks finished. I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush and a light hand. Using this as a foundation you can achieve different coverage's, from a good medium coverage to a full coverage base. If I am going out for the evening I will pop this over any makeup to set it, and I come home with skin that still isn't as oily as anything like I usually would.

Like most things on my blog this is a must have for oily skin girls, even just applied down the T-zone it won't look out of place at all, it will just set that area for the day.


REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - Review

There is something exciting about expensive skin care compared to expensive makeup. I think it is the fact that on the highstreet for a good price you can pick up some lovely makeup, where as skin care is a little more tricky. Having problem skin I always find that one of the most effective ways to give it a pick me up is by using a good mask. So when ASOS were having 25% off for students I decided to take the offer on board and buy myself something worth while, and highly raved about.

The REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is something I never really knew nothing about, and I personally didn't think it was for me, oh how I was wrong! First and foremost it is probably quite hard to tell how this mask even works, it contains the natural fruit acids from passion fruit, grape, pineapple, lemon omega 3 and 7 papain - phewwww. So with all that natural goodness it manages to exfoliate the skin without any of the beads that do leave your skin feeling wonderful, but they can often be harsh. When I first used this I was surprised about the consistency, it is a thick "gooey" orange tinted mask that has a slight stick to it, it sounds quite strange and to smooth it over your skin it does feel quite strange too. Over all the application was good, it had a slight warming effect - which I love, plus you only need a small amount and for the fairly hefty price tag that is always a good thing. I personally didn't feel much in terms of tingling or stinging with this mask (which others tend too)  but I know that others have.

I love that this mask doesn't contain any parabens or sulphates, they are terrible things to put on the skin within products, let alone a mask that is going to be having an effect on the skin instantly. The results from this mask I have to admit are pretty amazing, the glow you achieve after just one application is so nice. Doing this on a Sunday evening definatly makes Monday that little bit better. In terms of blemishes and my oily skin this has also helped balance out the oil significantly and on the important note it doesn't break me out. If you are someone with sensitive skin I would watch out for this as it may be a little too harsh (the only let down of this product - other than the price)

One thing I often tell myself with good skin care (to often justify the purchase) is that what's under the makeup that is the most important thing, so you have to invest in some nice "stuff," for it! 
This mask is perfect if you are in need of a good pick me up, or if you have an event or big plans where good skin is needed. It is so nice knowing I have something within my collection that is effective at making my skin look the best it can. I am so excited by this brand and I cannot wait to try more of their products. Oh and one final thing, you oily skin girls DONT just need to stick to clay masks, this will be a real treat to your skin!


MAC's Creme Cup - Review

For a beauty enthusiast or just a makeup wearer, mac lipsticks are something that everyone needs to experience. On the priceier side at £15 they are not your cheapest, but the quality and colour range means there is the perfect lipstick for anyone, plus they come with that iconic vanilla scent.

On today's agenda is an all time favourite that I have wanted to blog about for a while (but I didn't have a nice clean one, my old one was tattered and not picture worthy) so now I have a new Creme Cup in my life, I am ready to share my thoughts. It's one of my favourite formulations (cremesheen) as it provides a vivid colour that looks slightly glossy and creamy on the lips <yes the name gives it away, lovely creamy formulation>. Personally for lectures I like to keep my makeup minimal, some mascara and maybe a tad of eyeliner if you're lucky, so this lipstick is perfect for keeping things simple, but not boring. This lipstick gives you that 'I've made effort' look., I usually wear this for day time or with a really deep smokey eye in the evening. It doesn't wash me out or make me look like a "chav" with the whole baby pink concealer lips, it's just pretty and quite girly. So if you are looking for the in between of pink and nude, this is it.

I think if you are someone who is looking for a good all rounder lipstick that isn't at all scary like the summer brights we are seeing around, then this is a lovely option. It's an oldy, but a goody.


MAC Haul

When someone I know is going on holiday one of the first things I ask is "is there duty free at that the terminal your're going from?" I am all for a bargain on the expensive high end makeup, so when my step dad said he would get me these things for me I was over the moon.

Although it is approaching summer I still love to wear dark colours on my lips in the evening and after all the hype around "Rebel," I just couldn't say no. I really love the deep raspberry shade, I really want to try this mixed with MAC's Up The Amp, I think it will make a gorgeous combo. 
The other two things are re purchases, which is crazy as they are the first MAC things I bought around 2 years ago now, it was a very good day for me. I love the studio fix powder foundation, its a must for the no double wear days as it provides enough coverage so I don't feel quite so naked. It also has a compact mirror so it is perfect for travelling and I don't find it cakey at all, just a lovely coverage for my oily complexion, very long lasting too. The more summer like shade is my favourite MAC lipstick that is worthy of a separate review Creme cup is perfect for everyday wear or evening and adds a not so in your face colour to your lips, it is creamy and rich as it is a cremesheen and sits on the lips nicely without falling into any cracks that may be lerking.


Lush Tea Tree Toner - Review

Anything claiming to be refreshing, and a help to my overly oily complexion then I need it in my life. I stopped using toners for quite a while as I felt like I was using too much on my skin and over working it, but for those mornings when I need something a little more refreshing, or the evenings after a heavy makeup day this product is the perfect fix. It's the tea tree scent that gives it that refreshing kick, this product is also full of antibacterial goodness so the perfect product to use after a good cleanse to remove all the final bits of grime. 

Having skin prone to spots a good toner can work wonders. I like to use this after cleansing my skin then before I apply any needed spot treatments and moisturiser. I have noticed a reduction in the amount of spots that I have been getting - winner, and also that my skin seems much calmer than it has been. It is easy to forget about all the little things like, how dirty your phone screen and pillows can become, the antibacterial elements within this will help remove any dirt that can occur from everyday life. 

I tend to use this product on the days I have been exercising, as quite frankly it is a refreshing treatment to remove sweat- nice. I just apply it to a cotton pad then gently wipe over my face, concentrating on the t-zone. It does say on the bottle that you can spray the mist directly onto your face, however I wouldn't recommend that as toners can be quite harsh and it may irritate your eyes.

Using this toner is conjunction with other products has really been helping my skin stay on track, I will be repurchasing this for sure! 

Lush - £7.50


Easter - In Photos

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume, I have literally become obsessed and I have been wearing it most days. 2. I am currently looking after my dog as my mum is on holiday - jealous This picture shows her up to no good! 3. I should have been revising but instead I was watching one of my favourite YouTubers, I love her style, she is amazing. 4. Me actually cracking on with revision... With the help of some Dolly Mix. 5. A gorgeous bralet I picked up from Topshop, the sexiest thing my wardrobe has ever seen. 6. Oh and at first I ended up picking the wrong size as the two tags said different things - very annoying. I am still questionning if I should keep this, out of the comfort zone completely, plus I unfortunately don't have the abs to pull it off. 7. It's been a gorgeous spring and the blossom is just too pretty not to picture, hence why most instagram profile's are filled with the stuff. 8. Happy birthday to my boyfriends mum, we decided to cheat and just buy her a cake as we were short for time, she appreciated it non the less. 9. My boyfriend had already treated his mum to something for her birthday, so we decided to just pick her up some small bits to open. 10. Trying to get back on the health kick, instead I ended up eating a fudge and a freddo yesterday... Exam stress = excuse for chocolate. 11. Now I ordered some pretty exciting stuff from ASOS and it came in the tattiest packaging, the box was literally about to fall apart, thankfully what I ordered was ok! 12. Some items I have been wanting for ages, watch this space people, thanks to 25% off for students at ASOS! I was trying really hard to get the Nars sheer glow too, but they had sold out within 5 minutes - so so sad. 13. A lovely little free gift with this months Marie Clare magazine - everyone loves a freebie.

This Easter has been full of work, some blogging and revision for the most part. I have been dining out quite a lot, but I don't think that whacking out this great big camera to take a snap of my food is quite necessary. I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter, I will be uploading posts twice a week through May as I have exams. Good luck to anyone else who does too..


Primark Fashion Bargain!

When looking through Primark and you spot something that really does scream Topshop at you (yes quite literally) it is something worth sharing with the whole world, these sandals are that statement! They were only £8 and are all over lots of high street stores, I have seen similar myself in Zara and Office. These are really worth buying, they are comfortable and also come in different colours. I'll be wearing these with literally everything. I also like the ankle strap as it's something a little bit different, and the buckle doesn't look too tacky.

Overall a bit of a wonder buy!


Barry M Gelly Nail Paints

I know I am late on the bandwagon to walk about these nail polishes, however pretty much every time I paint my nails I find myself reaching for them. I thought a good review of the small (but growing) collection I have was necessary. Firstly how amazing is the palest of blue shades "mint candy apple," I am happy to wear this colour throughout the whole of spring, it is that pastel blue colour I like, rather than the powder blue shade I keep seeing dotted about.

In terms of consistency and finishes these nail polishes leave a glossy gel polish look, I remember someone asking me where I got my nails done thinking it was shellac! All bar one of these is easy to apply and you are good to go with two coats. The one I am a little let down in terms of consistency is infact the one I was raving about earlier (mint candy apple). The reason for this is that it seems to have a more watery consistency than the others, it feels less gel like and more like your average nail polish, however the colour is perfect so I am learning to live with that.

I really recommend picking some of these up if you haven't already, they have a really good colour range and I think they are retailing at around £4!
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