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It has felt like forever that I had been wanting a decent black bag, one that is just big enough to handle the impact of University lecture notes, multiple highlighters and still all the real essentials like makeup and my tangle teezer…
I headed over to Manchester on the weekend for a night out and decided to go into the city center before the madness began.. For a start I could not believe how busy it was, taking the fact it was a Saturday into consideration it really was still too much, secondly Manchester is literally amazing for shopping, I could have spent the whole day there.

I headed into Urban Outfitters as my boyfriend actually did have money to spent, and on the way out I found the perfect match, even before looking at the price I decided I really did need it! Dangerous. Luckily it was on sale for a reasonable price of £30, so I got very lucky. It is the perfect size for every day use, it is sturdy and a very good quality bag. So to appreciate this amazing bag I decided to dedicate a post to it and also kill two birds with one stone and show you the contents too.

I love this bag as it can be two different sizes. If i’m not in uni or don’t happen to have a lot of junk to carry around I can use the poppers at either side of the bag to make it smaller, and when I need to room I have to it too. The zips just give it an extra something too. I wish this bag came with silver hardware too, I probably would have picked them both up!

As I’m in uni and happen to be in every single day of the week it makes sense to carry  a note pad and pens, you never know when it may be needed. A lot of the stuff like makeup does change, so if i’m out all day I’ll take a powder and a concealer with me too, aswel as the lip colour I’m wearing that day too.

My purse is an obvious essential, it is not at all organised, everything is just shoved in there which makes it a manic rush when I’m buying something, I often end up having that moment of panic that I have left my bank card or money at home. I always carry around a bobble, what girl doesn’t? The necessary drugs are in my bag to get me through the day e.g. ibuprofen and anti histamines. Keys, an absolute must. I am also trying to be healthy at the minute so I am carrying around a bottle of water everywhere I go and making sure I drink a good amount. Everyone knows how rubbish iPhone’s are for keeping their charge, so I bring a charger so I can top up on the go. Headphones, trains are not easy without them. Carmex stays in my bag so I don’t end up with dry lips. My trusty iPhone usually stays in a pocket and I am not usually away from it for long, but it creeps into the bag occasionally.

I am slightly obsessed with using this handbag at the moment, I never really considered to even look in Urban Outfitters but I will be exploring their website from now on.

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