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Rimmel Moisture Renew – In Love With Ginger

A lipstick that makes your teeth look pearly white and even give you a glowing complexsion? Surely not.. They do seem like powerful and untruthful words for a lipstick, but I honestly feel like this little gem does that. I recently had teeth whitening as I really wasn’t happy with the colouring of them, so now I am embracing the bright lipsticks, and this little number is the perfect spring and summer bright. The well known Mac lipstick Morange has been on my want list for time, but this purchase has filled my need for that one, and at a fraction of the price – winner winner

The finish is a glossy one that provides a vivid wash of colour, I usually like a matte lip if I’m going bold, but I actually really enjoy the formulation of this. Staying power is a good 4 hours of good colour before it does start to fade, no feathering noted, but after eating and drinking you will notice some transfer, but they do come with that creamy formulation that is by far not the most long lasting. As summer approaches (lets pray for the nice weather in the UK) this lipstick is going to be a life saver if I need a bold lip as it is nice and moisturising. I cannot wait to try more from the Rimmel Moisture Renew range, fantastic high street lipsticks that are such good value for money. Step aside MAC... (I take back that last comment already)

Would love to know any other colour recommendations people have from this range?

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