Making Smart Casual – Dinner Date

At the minute I am stuck in a fashion rut, I am trying to change my wardrobe and get rid of the cluttered clothing that I once thought “yeah, I’ll wear that,” and surprise surprise they are all still there, having only being worn once, or not at all. I am one of those that will dip in and out of trends and styles, but the one thing I always feel good in is the basics or black and white.

I popped into Topshop and River Island as they were both having 20% off for students (it is a very special moment when that email comes through) and I digged out a few things that didn’t exactly catch my eye, but I need them to start again with my clothes, all very basic but that’s what I was after. If I could wear some skinny jeans, a plain top and a black blazer everyday, I would.. I love that smart casual look where a pair of white converse looks good with a blazer, it’s just perfect, if I do get around to adding colour then it is through my nails or accessories.

Why I have only just bought something with scalloped edges I don’t know, it is such a beautiful detailing. This vest style top was only £12 from Topshop and with the necklace and bracelet I don’t think it needs be anything else but cream. Marc Jacobs Daisy is my go to scent at the minute, it’s a very fresh scent that I think anyone could carry off, not too sophisticated either which I don’t think quite suits me yet. Lets take a moment to appriciate how perfect this nail colour is, I only have short nails as they literally refuse to grow, but it’s one of those that looks okay on a shorter length, I don’t think I am going to stop wearing this for a long time.

I think I am going to carry on hauling all the new things I buy for my “new” wardrobe, when I head back to Uni a much needed trip to Zara will be happening, and some much needed damage to the bank account will be happening.

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