Improving My Fitness

Throughout my life and through most of my teenage years I have been able to eat whatever I want and not gain any weight.

From the age of 13 to around 18 I was a steady weight between 7 stone and 8 stone which was fine by me. However as I am starting to get older what I eat is actually having an impact on my weight, so I have joined to gym and started to opt for more healthy meal options.

From January I have been attending three fitness classes a week, fighting fit, circuits and body conditioning. I really enjoy the classes, I think they are a fabulous way of getting yourself into fitness and they are good fun to go with friends, or even go on your own and make friends. Don’t get me wrong I was not unfit before, I could run if I needed to, it is just that I never particularly choose to, I would rather be lazy.

I think exercising and better food choices becomes a way of life in the end, and the junk that you ate before becomes nicer to eat and indulge in rather than just food you eat all the time. I’m now three months in and also a member of the gym at the university I go to, never in my life did I think I would be a gym goer, however I am loving it and look forward to going. My main goal looks wise is to have a flatter stomach, so a lot of the exercises I do are aimed towards that goal.

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What I do to keep fit

At the moment I have been mixing cardio with pretty much everything. I love using the cross trainer so I will be on there for around 15 minutes with a resistance of 35 (most times, maybe 30 if I’m feeling tired). I think the cross trainer is an all rounder if you are wanting to burn calories and get your heart rate going, but to also improve upper body strength. After the cross trainer I will move on to some form of toning, to tone my stomach area I feel the most pain from doing the plank, I try to hold this for as long as possible. I also like using a fit ball to do sit ups on, this is really hard and I cannot do many, however you really feel the benefits. To tone the little kangaroo pouch I have I use leg raises, they are brilliant at improving those core muscles. It is really good as the gym I attend offers free personal training sessions, they are really intense and really help build up muscle.

I have also been cutting down on crab, I will treat myself on the weekends or every now and then but the healthy option is always on my radar, if I need a snack I will opt for low fat crisps or fruit. I do not really enjoy drinking fizzy drinks so I do avoid them, but they are incredibly bad for you, it is like drinking a cup of sugar.

Results so far

Due to having more muscle now I have actually gained weight. When I first saw the scales I was shocked and confused, shortly realising after that it was just muscle. It isn’t often that I will weigh myself, I think as long as you are fit and healthy the number does not really mean anything, unless you are trying to lose lets say a stone or two, then it is a good way to keep track. Just do not get caught up on it. I have seen a lot of difference in my legs, they have become more muscular. I think this is down to the squats and the cross trainer. I am happy about this as it is so encouraging to see the results. My arms have become more muscular which I was not really expected and it doesn’t make much difference to my appearance, it is nice to have them a little tones rather than skinny though. My main problem area <the stomach> has improved slightly in terms of the top part of my abs, I really need to start working more on the lower ab section.

Fingers crossed within the next update there will be more results, I have included some motivational images that I really love. Hopefully they will give you some inspiration if you are working towards a fitter you! OH and before I forget, one way I keep motivated is buying myself nice gym wear, plus if you spend a little more money on them you will end up feeling guilty if they collect dust, but I have bought some things from Primark that are actually pretty good quality….

Another thing that has really helped is these trainers from Nike. They are extremely comfortable and actually do make running that bit easier.

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