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French Pharmacy Must Haves – Oily/Blemish Prone Skin

Recently Escentual had 1/3 off of their french pharmacy ranges, so I took full advantage of adding some stock to the skin care collection, and I am so happy that I did.
I have combination/oily and blemish prone skin, so a little bit of everything really, I do get dry patches too which will help explain the reasoning around one of these products. I also use other products in conjunction with these, but I will do a whole skin care post featuring all of the other products later in the month.

The Avene moisture mask is a product targeted towards those with dryer, dehydrated skin. My skin is certainly not on the dry side but it is dehydrated. I have been using this for a month and I am so happy with the results. It is an easy to use mask that I use twice a week as an over night treatment. When I wake up my skin is left with much more of an even skin tone and any blemishes seem to have calmed down. My skin is left so soft, and so far I have not noticed my skin being any oilier since using this. It is so deceiving having oily skin, you would think adding more moisture would make it worse, but it really does improve it in a lot of cases. I want to try the Una Brennan moisture mask soon too.

Now on to a brand and a product that everyone and their friends, and their families should all know about if they get blemishes. The queen of all spot treatments is the La Roshe-Posay Effcalar Duo. It does such a good job at clearing blemish prone skin, I used to suffer from those under the skin spots, but I really don’t get them any more. It is slightly drying as it is a fairly strong treatment, but in a lot of cases with bad skin the strong stuff if what is needed. I find that if I use this on a spot in the morning throughout the day it will heal and bam, by night it is gone. I really recommend giving this a go if you are having a hard time with your skin, start off my using it once a day and then once your skin is used to it you can increase it to two times a day. I am yet to notice any clear up of blackheads with this treatment yet, so I am still on the hunt for that.

At first I was not so convinced, and actually preferred using the Effeclar K from the same line, but I now regret that and I am so glad I persisted with this holy grail skin treatment, yeah I said it.

Moisturising is another step in skin care for those with oilier skin that is scary and should be 100% avoided. If you don’t know already you are wrong. I think it is quite obvious that you don’t go for a heavy duty moisturiser as that will have an impact on your oily skin, but something light weight can do it a whole lot of good. This one from La Roshe-Posay (Effaclar H) is for sensitive skin that is used to over drying products, so perfect when used in conjunction with the Effaclar Duo. The dry patches I used to deal with are no longer there and the overall condition of my skin is a lot better.

The use of these products with the help of a few others my skin has become less oily and a lot clearer. I would now consider my self to have normal/ oily skin, that with the use of a nice foundation I can achieve something I am more confident with!

Have you tried anything from the french pharmacy and have anything else you could recommend?

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