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Top Spring/Summer Lip Products

Narrowing down lip products is difficult to start off with, and then I set myself a target of three and thing’s just became too much to handle and there was no way possible I could stick to it, so three became four and I now content with my decisions.. I think!
When I think of winter lip shades I think MAC Rebel and the Rimmel 107 lipstick, those dark bold matte shades, and now that spring and summer are fast approaching I feel like things need to start disappearing to the back of my collection for later this year. Lip colour is one of the major changes to my makeup throughout different seasons.

A winner due to it’s perfect formulation and beautiful colour is MAC’s Longwear Lipcreme in Love Forever. This lipstick will not budge, and what is most perfect about it is how it fades without any feathering, and weird looking pink residue, but to a  softer looking version of it’s bright blue toned pink beginning, and when you are out in the sun all day <most probably not in the UK, but somewhere hopefully> it becomes a life saver! This is the minimal eye makeup lipstick that does not need anything else except dewy skin, bronzer and lots of mascara, the lipstick that will forever be travelling the world to come on holidays. If you struggle to find this a dupe is MAC’s Girl About Town. Something a little more boring, more sophisticated and 100% the most practical is the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector – In Petal Shimmer. This will keep your lips moisturised whilst having that subtle colour too, I love the packaging and the applicator for this, it is perfect if you are busy as you will not need a mirror to re apply. The formulation is non sticky so if it happens to be windy you are safe! This pale pink is summery and a pretty option, it’s the one that will look amazing with minimal makeup or paired with something bold like a blusher or strong eye makeup.

L’Oreal are a brand that I think are over looked in terms of lip products, last year Rimmel took center stage on the high street, but I think Loreal are catching up.  I love their Glam Shine Lip Gloss as they are the perfect every day lip product. Light weight and with strong pigmentation they feel really lovely on the lips. 30% of it is water, which I like, do not let that put you off! The shade I have featured here is called “Lolita – 101” it’s that muted nude pink similar to Petal Shimmer however this has flexes of gold shimmer so it is perfect for a summers day. These are hydrating and the colour range offers some darker pinks and purples. Last but most probably one of my favourites out of them all of the lipsticks here is the hyped around “In love with Ginger” Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick. I actually don’t know where to start in terms of appraisal for this lipstick. 1. A strong and vibrant colour that is reflective of what it actually is the stick when transferred. 2. The staying power is amazing and it doesn’t feather. 3. It is the perfect dupe for MAC’s Morange. 4. It will make your teeth look beautiful and white. 5. It’s only £6.49. I am so impressed with this, the formulation is possible one of my faves, as much as I love a bold lip to be matte on most occasions, this is just too nice to say no to. One thing I would say is give it a quick sniff before you buy it, it carries that very strong “grandma’s perfume,” vibe; however a price I am willing to pay for it though.

(Mac’s Love Forever- L’Oreal Lolita – Rimmel In Love With Ginger – Clarins Petal Shimmer)

I am almost certain that I will be wearing other lip products throughout both seasons, and I will most probably be buying more and more to add to the collection. I think something similar to these four would be the perfect way to build up your lipstick collection. Introduce different formulations and colours to see what you like most.

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