Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

I think that once you start to appreciate how much of a difference good makeup brushes have to your makeup, you’re a true makeup lover.

At a younger age for me, it was all about buying the makeup, but never having anything decent to apply it with. EVERY blogger knows about the Real Techniques brushes, and with good reason.

I have quite a few of the real techniques brushes now, so I decided it was about time to pick up the Real Techniques Blush Brush. This brush is so soft and manages to distribute power product to quite a large area, meaning for blush sometimes it can be quite hard to control where you put it. Saying that I still feel like I now need this brush in my life. I apply blush with this by applying a small amount of product to the tip, and then gently placing that on my cheek bones. I then use the brush to blend the product out to make it look more natural. When you just swirl this brush into your blusher wayyyy too much product ends up on the brush, resulting in you looking like a china doll, and unless that’s your thing I wouldn’t recommend.

I also enjoy using this to blend out my contouring, this brush literally becomes a savior when I’ve gone a little over the top before a night out, it just helps to make everything look more natural. Over all I do rate this brush, it can be used for blusher, bronzer, contour, or your setting powder.

What is your favourite brush to use for blusher?

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