Elegant Touch False Nails

Over the Christmas period I decided to pick up some fake nails. I have always been scared of them, perfect for some people except I have really mixed feeling about them. Gravestone looking nails are a big no, short and stumpy are also not my thing, I just like my nails to look clean and “polished”. 

The Elegant Touch nails are actually perfect, they are short enough so I don’t take my eyes out when I’m dealing with the old contact lenses, but allow me to live the dream of having nice, longish looking nails. I have worn acrylics before and I really hated them, I found them impractical, and just didn’t like the look of them on me personally. I love how these just don’t ruin your nails like gel or acrylic false nails, and they also lasted a whole week for me!! That might not seem like a long time, but I’ll paint my nails and by the next day they will be chipped, it’s not good. Sizing wise they have a really good selection as there is 24 in a pack, one thing that bugs me with the convention glue on nails is how freaking huge the nails would be, literally claws on my hands after using them.

Whilest I was wearing these nails I noticed my natural nails were actually able to grow aswel as become stronger, which is a huge bonus. A lot of people complemented me on these and especially mentioned how real they look. Elegant touch are a really good brand, I got these nails when Superdrug had 1/3 off so they cost me around £3.80, they were a bargain. If I ever need to have lovely looking nails I will always reach for this brand. I 100% recommend you try these nails if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to a salon trip or just fancy having a change.

Do you wear fake nails? What are your favourites?

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