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Christmas in New York

Christmas has been and nearly gone and the red lace that made an appearance on Christmas Day is no longer appropriate.. So New York was amazing and a must see for everyone- especially the ones who like shopping. I went to the lovely Bryant Park for my Christmas day. If you haven't been to New York but want to go I would recommend it, I'm going to do a whole post on what you should see and a couple of tips. The outfit, maybe slightly overdressed but there were others wearing less casual outfits.

The coat did not really compliment this, however I decided it would be better to have more room in my suitcase to bring things home rather than take lots with me, I managed to gain 5kg worth of stuff in New York, so lucky that other more formal coat didn't come with.

If you happen to be stopping over Christmas then the Grill in Bryant Park is a nice place to go, beautiful surroundings and the food was delicious, duck for starters, turkey for main and chocolate for dessert, all presented in an instagram worthy fashion and importantly the food tasted amazing. It was so nice to have something similar to the traditional Christmas dinner when I was so far away from home, they had a good variety of options on their menu that would suit pretty much everyone. The staff were lovely there and I think even without it being the festive period it is a spot in New York worth a visit.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, Happy New Year! 


Origins Face Masks

Skincare is something that fustrates me at times, it can take weeks to see results, however when you do, the wait is so worth it. We all love instant gratification, it is just the way we are incline, and recently when I decided to try the Origins Drink Up Intense face mask and the Clear Improvement face mask, that was exactly what I got.

Skin type; kind of oily yet dehydrated skin, as we change into winter my skin goes crazy with a combination of just about every skin type some where along the surface - I wish I was exaggerating. So I really need to tailor my skincare to that - otherwise foundation is a big no and becomes an enemy. The Drink Up intensive mask is the one if you like mangos, wow. The scent is amazing, so fresh and light which is nice and soothing for an over night treatment. In my morning my skin if left looking more plump and clear, unexpectedly this stuff really calms my skin of those red under the skin spots and makes me skin less angry. This face mask is perfect for a lot of different skin types, my skin was dehydrated and looked dull without the help of makeup, yet it is also pretty oily in the t-zone, this worked a treat at stopping excess oil and also keeping my skin looking a little more alive. I apply a dollop probably the size of a twenty pence piece and I am good to go, also quite a nice one for the lazy girls who can't be bothered rinsing off a face mask - yep that's me.

The Clear Improvement mask is similar to the Una Brennan Tea Flower clay mask, except I find that one quite harsh and stripping, this one does the job without all that. If I am having a break out this stuff will clear it up, it leaves my over all complexion looking a lot clearer. I have only been using this a couple of weeks and I haven't noticed much in terms of actually clearing out my pores, but I will be patient. I apply this to areas of my face that need it, I don't put this anywhere near my hair line as it is the middle my face that needs clearing. I apply warm water to a cloth and hot that to my face to open the pores before I apply this, and I think that step makes such a difference for clay masks.

Luckily Origins do 50ml sample sizes, so you can get a good feel for the products and if you like them, I know i'll be repurchasing the full size! I am so happy with these masks and it has made me want to try more of their skincare.


Dinner Out Outfit

I was reluctant to post these photos as my mum said I looked about 16. However I really liked out the necklace made it look and thought it was perfect for a casual evening meal out.

Shirt- Topshop
Jumper- H&M
Necklace- Unknown
Trousers- Primark
Boots- Primark


Christmas Nails

With Christmas just around the corner now I thought it would be necessary to start doing a couple of Christmas themed posts. I didn't want to include the obvious red coloured nails so I thought I would do something a little different. Christmas to me means many things and one of them is lots of sparkle, so why not add it to the nails aswel. You can either go all out and apply glitter on every nail bt for an everyday look I thought just one was enough.


Lush Lip Scrub

Sometimes no matter how much lip balm you slap on nothing will help get rid of dry lips, this is always the case for me especially in winter. The concept of this product I actually don't like, I'm not too keen on eating my own dry skin from my lips if I'm honest, even with a bubblegum flavour. However this product does a pretty good job at removing any dry skin, a little lip balm on top for good measure and your lips will be lipstick ready. It is the perfect little addition to any pamper or a quick lip fix 

Word of warning it has to be used up within a month and my month is nearly up, so try not to just stash it in your cupboard and forget about it - maybe like I did with my first one...


A Pale Girls Bronzer - The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

It isn't often that I'm not wearing a little fake tan, as without it I am so pale it actually hurts to look. However for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to give my skin a little break and also keep a tab on how pale I really am, I have found that I am certainly not one of those girls that looks good pale and can just work with it, without a little colour I look ill.. Anyway I have found a product that will help brighten up any pale face in a non orange/tangoed way, but in a "I've been on holiday for a month and got a slight colour to my skin way!" The Body Shop bronzer in 01 is the feature of the post, the lightest bronzing powder I have ever tried and it is perfect for many reasons...

Non chalky so you're not left looking powdery and dry, provides a convincing colour that is blendable and not obviously there and it is pigmented but not to the point where it is difficult to apply. This bronzer is so compact and the mirror really helps to make it perfect for travelling and on the go touch ups. This would also make a pretty good contour too as there is non of that obvious bronzer shimmer, it is matte, which I undoubtedly prefer.. So if you're new to contouring and need something that is buildable this could also be for you.

It is always a good sign when you know you're going to repurchase a product, and I know I will be doing with this!


Charles Worthington Intense Moisture Seal Balm

I really struggled with the title for this one, it should really be "Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm" but it just seemed a little ridiculous so I'll stick with the shortened version. I am constantly on a mission to find a hair mask that is going to make my hair look lovely without leaving any nasty residue at the roots and without weighing my hair down - fine + oily hair combo over here! SO after trying many products I finally stumbled across a pre wash treatment that I am pretty excited about.

Using this is a really nice luxury experience that is worthy of the money and time. I use this once a week before my hair needs a good clean. I noticed first that the balm looked solid and I was confused and worried as to how thick it would be, I was scared for my thin, I used a really small amount and it melted into my hair making it easy to apply to the ends of my hair <beware, just the ends> After the first application I could gage how much my hair needed of the product and what worked well, I use a grape sized amount and apply that to the ends, tie it together with a bobble and grab myself a green tea and some breakfast while I let it work its magic. Make sure some effort is made to rinse the product out before applying shampoo, I find this helps if any product has accidental come in contact with the roots.

I can honestly say that even after the first use my hair felt in much better condition, almost as if I had just had a fresh trim my ends looked that healthy. It left my hair feeling very light and nourished. Another good benefit of this is how practical it is to use, I often find leaving conditioning treatments on damp hair a bit of a faff, but this products makes nourishing and conditioning my hair so much easier.

This really does provide a deep nourishment so I wouldn't really recommend it to someone who already has hair is good condition, or someone with shorter hair as it is oil based and could cause some greasy looking locks. I found that my hair kept it's curl for longer and it was certainly a lot easier to brush which again  Fairly nice scent, not too over powering which I like. I also like that it comes in a nice box too, but that's just me being particular. Although this is targetted towards a thicker hair type I feel like this is perfectly fine for me, although I am one of the lucky ones with fine hair, but a lot of it.

Overall I am really impressed with the results from this treatment and I will continue to use it and repurchase.


MAC's Teddy Eyeliner

Since having my hair lightened, all will be revealed in a separate post.. I am finding it a lot harder to wear my usual black eyeliner with a flick, I feel like it is making my eyes look tired and a bit too "gothic" for my personal liking. So I reached into my eyeliner pot and found the lost little pencil which was "Teddy" by MAC.

Teddy is not quite a brown eyeliner, it offers a bit more..The metallic deep bronze it provides is almost like applying a thin amount of Woodwinked across the lash line, which is what I love. I like to use this across the top and bottom lash line, some times I will smudge it making it look that little more effortless. As with all MAC Eyeliners I cannot fault the standard, easy to apply and hasn't left me looking like a goth half way through the day. Like most things I purchase from MAC I did manage to get this from the aiport with a lovely 20% off. SO if you're passing through MAC and just need to buy something - yes that is the case with me then pick up this liner, it's a keeper.


Michael Kors MK5076 Watch Review

A little late to the party with a Michael Kors watch, I know.. When I was on the hunt for the perfect watch I actually didn't intend on following the designer that everyone was going absolutely crazy for, however I then stumbled upon this watch in store and it was everything I wanted, with or without the name. I was lucky enough to recieve this as a gift so thanks to my mum and step dad my wrist is now looking a lot more interesting - but its not the too your face, look at my watch interesting.

I decided on a silver instead of the rose gold or gold editions as it is just timeless. This sporty, chunky kind of watch is always in fashion and looks good for any occasion. I am one of those girls with the skinny wrists, so a lot of the chunky watches looked pretty stupid against my dinky wrist, making me also look a little like a small child trying on her mums watch. SO with that not being the desired look I wasn't so sure how this would look on me, however I really love it. I am happy with the clean looking face, I didn't want the dimamontes I think sometimes they can look slightly tacky.

I love the fact that this watch isn't just a really good fashion statement, the chronograph face shows the date and allows the use of the stop watch, pretty cool, you never know when you might need to time something e.g. face mask, cooking, workouts. I have had a lot of compliments on this watch and overall I am very happy with it.

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