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So, the first thing to note about me is that I find writing these sorts of things particularly difficult, anyone else? But, I'm going to start from the beginning and try my best to think of interesting things to tell you about me...

It's just Jodie, Melissa is my second name. I'm 22 and I live in North Wales, where I grew up most of my life after moving from Manchester. I'm engaged and getting married in April - eek! I work full time, in house as a social media manager and outreach executive, it doesn't even feel like work to me - I love it!

I've been with my other half Jay for nearly 7 years (he's the man behind the outfit posts). I have a degree in Psychology, and I lived in Chester for 3 years whilst I studied, in my second year I started to take my blog a little more seriously, and realised it was something I actually did want to grow and continue to post to.

How/ why I started blogging 
I actually discovered YouTube and blogging way back in 2008/2009, as you can imagine it was completely different to how it is today. I had one of those tiny laptops that I begged my mum to buy me for Christmas (I was 12 at the time), and I would write about the 6 makeup products I had in my little makeup bag. I really wish I still had those posts to look back on, but I have no idea what the blog was called or how I even knew how to create it - I guess I googled it! People discovered blogs simply through the comments back then, everyone was so passionate about beauty and it felt like such a small community.

In 2015, I decided it was about time I actually told people I had a blog. Since then I have continued to post 2/3 times a week, invested in a DSLR, had the pleasure of working with so many of my favourite brands and felt lucky that I finally realised that I do have a hobby and something I'm truly passionate about!

What to expect from
Last year my content changed a little, I decided that instead of just writing about beauty I wanted my blog to be about everything in my life that's important, or that I'm passionate about. Now you'll find a mix of lifestyle, beauty and the occasional fashion posts too, and that's what I enjoy most.

This year I hope to make even more lifestyle and fashion content and share some personal experiences I had growing up that I think may really help some people out there. I also started a YouTube channel last year, I absolutely love creating vlogs so expect plenty more of those in 2018 too.

So, I hope from that you've got to know me a little better...

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  1. I liveee for Charlotte Tilbury! And I love a good gin and tonic too ahah - what's your favourite product of hers would you say?
    Love your blog xxxx


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