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48 Hours in Berlin

You may have seen that I went to Berlin at the weekend, only a flying visit but I had such a lovely time and managed to document quite a lot of our trip! 


5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Anyone else think back to how they were during their teenage years and wonder what they were thinking? Because I do...


48 Hours in York

A couple of weeks back we had a little weekend break in York. I thought today I would share my thoughts on the city and tell you more about quite possibly the most magical place I’ve ever stayed... ever!


Current Lifestyle Favourites

It's been a while since I posted about some non-beauty things that I've been loving - here's my last one if you missed it! With a shift in season I've found there's been a few new lifestyle bits I'm enjoying recently...


Being In A Long Distance Relationship

It's not something I usually speak about on my blog, but considering it's such a big part of my life I thought I would share my two cents on what it's really like to be in a long distance relationship. The pros, cons, and how I cope!


First Impressions: The New Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara

Today is the launch of the brand new Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara*


The Perfect Nude Lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury

Going into a Charlotte Tilbury store and walking out empty handed is impossible, everything is just so beautiful!


My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Starting work at 8am Monday - Friday, I like my makeup routine to be as speedy as possible. The longer I've been in full time work the smaller my everyday makeup bag has become, most days I keep things minimal and reach for products I know will work for me and see me through until 4pm.

In the cooler months, or if I'm having a bad skin day I reach for the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I've raved about this time and time again, it's full coverage and stays put all day. A lighter option I've been reaching for lately is the L'Oreal True Match foundation, it's not quite as long lasting but it offers a nice medium coverage with a satin/ matte finish. It's a good everyday, affordable foundation pick. For concealer I'm still obsessed with the Nars Soft Matte Complete concealer, it's truly incredible. It looks so natural on the skin and blends beautifully. It doesn't provide quite as much coverage as the Radiant Creamy but it's definitely my favourite out of the two.

I rarely reach for a blusher or even a highlighter everyday (baring in mind I don't see any customers face to face in my job, I definitely used to make more of an effort when I did)! I do however always use a bronzer. Recently I've been loving the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer, it's the perfect bronzing shade for day to day wear, not too warm or cool toned and really easy to blend. It's pricey but worth the hype and leaves my skin with a natural looking glow.

For my brows I've been using the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows in the shade Cara. I've been reaching for this over my Benefit Gimme Brow as it manages to add just a little more definition. My brows are quite sparse and fair so this is the quickest way to add some definition. Although, for the past 2 days I've been using the Brow Definer from Eylure and *spoiler alert* it's incredible - full review coming soon!
For eyes it's again super simple, I always take the time to curl my lashes, then for mascara my go to for volume, length and definition is the Maybelline Lash Sensational. Along my waterline I do also like to use the Benefit Eye Bright, I've used this for so many years now after discovering it through a magazine freebie! It's a pale pink shade so less harsh than a white eyeliner, it's an extra hours sleep in 5 seconds and really does brighten the eyes.

Finally for lips I've gone back to an old favourite, the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors. Nothing I've tried compares to these, they are a gorgeous non sticky lip gloss/ balm hybrid. The shades are so natural and it's one of those products I'll always have in my bag and reach for. These also look stunning over the top of lip liners for more of a defined finish - Pillow Talk or MAC Dervish especially.

And that's it! It's so simple but works well for me when I really do only have 5 minutes spare. There will be the odd day that I'll spend more time on my brows or decide to contour/ highlight, but more so on the weekends now.


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Autumn Goals

At the beginning of this month I was kind of dreading autumn - I'll miss the long days, excuse for an ice cream and occasional sunny weather...


Affordable Autumn Makeup Picks

Autumn is definitely my favourite season to play around with makeup.


Reflecting On My Summer Goals

You may remember a few months back I decided to scrap the monthly goals thing and opt for setting myself seasonal goals instead.


Transitional Pieces Your Autumn Wardrobe Needs

In the past any spare money I had went on beauty products (which I definitely don't need more of), these days I'm much more into investing in my wardrobe...


5 Skincare Products For Dehydrated Skin

All year round I try to protect my skin from being dehydrated, but especially during the autumn/ winter months when it can get it's worse.


High End Beauty Haul/ First Impressions

I do love a beauty bargain, but as you guys know I'm a sucker for high-end products! 


How I Doubled My Instagram Following & Increased Engagement

All of the changes to Instagram are old news - we know how flippin' annoying they are when you're trying to grow a profile!  At the start of this year I was on around 3,800 followers, now I've just passed 8,000! I wanted to go through what worked for me and what I notice helps me increase my following and engagement.


My Favourite Wedding DIY's

There are so many resources out there which make the little DIY jobs you do yourself actually pretty successful! To cut costs and add more of a personal touch we've decided that there will be quite a few things that we've made ourselves to complete our wedding.


My New And Improved Makeup Storage

Long gone are the days a makeup bag is enough space to house all of the makeup I own. Over the years so many of the beauty bits I have just sat and collected dust, with only 1 face a lot of it just wasn't getting used. I recently decided to have a clear out and update my storage which has sparked up the old love I had for makeup...


The Perfect Pamper Treats with Ted Baker

My love for blush pink continues, add rose gold into the mix and I'm well and truly sold. The beautiful brand Ted Baker have done it again with their latest release. Here are some of my Blush Pink range favourites from the new Ted Baker Porcelain Rose collection.


The Most Instagramable Place in Wales...

If you love photography, quirky places, and exploring some where unusual yet beautiful, you’ll love Portmerion. Located in North Wales it’s probably a little out of the way for most, but it’s one of those must see places in the UK that's well worth a visit.

Before arriving we didn’t realise there’s no actual permanent residents in the village, it’s like a little holiday resort. It cost £12 to get in, but it’s a fab day out and a fee I wouldn’t mind paying again.

We started off our 5 hour stay – yes we loved it that much! With a 20 minute tour guided by a lovely member of staff. We learnt more about the history of Portmerion and the inspiration behind the Italian-esque architecture. From there we actually noticed there was a wedding, of-course I stopped to see the bride… If you’re looking for a fairytale style wedding I couldn’t think of anywhere better! We then went down to the beach and walked along the Quayside towards the light house, the views over the river towards Llechollwyn were stunning - luckily we picked a clear day to visit!

Of-course me being me we had to scout out some picture opportunities, in the main village there was a little area with pink/ peachy buildings which was just perfect. Just around the corner was another beautiful spot with the most amazing flowers and fountains. Where ever you looked high or low there was something amazing, so much attention to detail.

Whilst there we had lunch at Caffi Glas, it's a little Italian within the Portmerion Village. They had so much to offer on the menu but we went for a couple of light bites and a cheeky glass of prosecco -  a lovely little afternoon treat. The service was fab and just added to our already amazing experience.

I think with this post the pictures do the talking. I'll definitely be heading back to Portmerion in the future - possibly autumn time as I think it will make the perfect location for outfit posts.


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5 Things I've Loved This Summer

I know we still have a little bit of summer left, but with the rather rubbish weather we've had these past few weeks it really does feel like it's drawing to a close!


5 Beautiful Must Try Eyeshadows

It's not everyday I get to wear eyeshadow, so when I do it's more than often something with a little sparkle!


Adding Volume to Fine, Flat Hair

I'm always looking for products that will add more volume to my life less hair and make it appear thicker. Whether you have fine hair and want to add volume or even if you have thick hair but it can look quite flat, here are some tips/ products I like to use to give my hair a boost...


Content Creators Who Inspire Me

The last time I shared the love for some of my faves was in this post published just before Christmas - how time flys! I owe a lot to the amazing people within the blogging/ YouTube community that motivate me to produce the best content I can. Of-course there are other people that inspire me day to day (I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram as photography seems to motivate me), but here are some of the people that spring to mind first...


Some Current Pink Favourites

You probably won't believe this, but liking pink is a fairly recent thing for me... Anything too bright or nearing on fuchsia is a big no, but a dusky blush pink is still right up my street, and, as expected I just so happen to be buying a lot of things that *just so happen* to be my current favourite colour...


The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette / Full Review + Makeup Look

It's without a doubt the palette of the moment, Urban Decay have done it again releasing another Naked palette, and this time it's all about the warm toned, burnt orange/ red shades (my all time faves!).


My Current Skincare Routine

My skin seems to be in a pretty good place at the moment so I thought I would go through my current routine and the products I've been loving lately...


Fleur de Force by Eylure Lashes Review

Now, I don't know about you but I absolutely love false eyelashes. I don't wear them daily and the styles I opt for are pretty natural, but as soon as I apply a pair I feel like my makeup is complete. When Fleur launched her own lashes in collaboration with Eylure the styles ticked all of the boxes for me...


Best Beauty Buys of 2017 So Far

Can you believe that we are already more than half way through the year? Nope me either! I haven't done a favourites post in a while, so I thought I would go through some of my most loved beauty buys of the year so far...


Turning 22...

As you can probably tell from the title, today is my 22nd birthday. Since turning 21 a lot has changed for me, as cringey as it sounds, I feel like I'm starting to find myself! Looking back, here's 22 things I've learnt over the past 22 years (majority of which I've realised this past year).


Why Self Love Is So Important...

Something I've actively tried to improve over the years is my self confidence, accepting things I can't change about myself and embracing them, and learning not to care what others think...


Collective Fashion and Beauty Haul

It's been a while since I've done any kind of haul, so to make up for lost time I've been getting a lil' spendy.


If You Buy One Thing This Month...

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I love a beauty bargain, so of-course I had to dedicate a post to the QVC Tili Beauty Box*...


5 Small Things That Make Me Happy

It's always the little things in life that lift my spirits and make me feel good. I wanted to spread some positivity and share 5 things that have been making me happy at the moment...

Having my morning tea in peace and quiet outside... I start work at 8 so I'm up pretty early and there is nothing I love more than starting my day feeling relaxed. Even for just 5 minutes when the weather is nice I've been sitting outside and just thinking about the day and what I want to achieve/ do. I'm going to miss the brighter mornings, it's definitely a time when I feel most inspired.

Putting more time and effort into my skincare routine... I've discovered some absolute gems over the past few weeks that my skin seems to be loving! I received the QVC Tili Beauty Box* which contains the Alpha H Liquid Gold and I've noticed such a difference in my skin since using it. I've also been using lots of oils and hydrating products which makes me skincare routine feel like a treat. There's nothing more relaxing than taking off my makeup after a busy day!

Going to the gym... I still want to share my workout routine with you guys which I definitely will be doing soon. I just love being able to put my headphones in and focus on something that isn't work related, I feel like afterwards I have so many more ideas.

Fresh flowers... There is something so uplifting and lovely about having a vase of fresh flowers. It's something I'm more than happy to spend a little money on every week.

Being organised... This is a bit of a boring one really isn't it, but with planning the wedding, having emails to reply to and recently starting a YouTube channel I feel like I need to be organised now more than ever! I've been using my diary from Kikki.k to keep on top of my ideas and making sure I set aside time in the evenings to do my emails. I noticed it makes me unhappy when I feel like everything is on top of me, so keeping up to date with things has become a priority.

What small things have been making you happy recently?

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Preparing For The Wedding #1

Although my wedding is still 10 months away, I've been keen to start preparing early to make sure I look and feel the best possible when it comes to be big day/ honeymoon period. 


Milani Makeup... The Products You Need To Try

Milani makeup has been the talk of the blogosphere lately, being honest I wasn't all that bothered until they launched their beautiful blushers, then my interest was sparked... 


At Home Pamper Picks

I usually associate pamper nights with the colder months, but to be honest there is nothing stopping me running a bath and relaxing even after a long summers day. There have been a few products I've been reaching for recently that make the perfect at home pamper picks.... Expensive spa days step aside!


The Cohorted Beauty Box

Beauty subscription boxes are something I'm still getting my head around. I like to spend my hard earned money on products that I really want to try, so when a beauty subscription box doesn't tick all the boxes I always feel a little disheartened. Yet again, when a box arrives and it's full of amazing products and is amazing value for money, they're become a must have for any beauty lover.


Getting Engaged... One Year On!

I can't quite believe today marks a year of being engaged...
Wedding plans are in full swing and I wanted to talk about the highs and lows of it all, what I've learnt about planning a wedding and my plans for the remaining time before the big day.


Cleansing Tools You Need In Your Routine...

Along with moisturising, cleansing is by far one of the most important steps in my skincare routine.

I wear makeup most days and have reletively oily skin so making sure I cleanse properly is a priority. It was the end of last year I decided to step up my cleansing game and switched to using the Magnitone Daily Cleansing Brush*, since then I've noticed a massive difference in my skin and found a place for cleansing tools in my routine...

A product I've introduced more recently to remove the initial layer of makeup is the Magnitone Micro Fibre Cleansing Cloth*. At first I really wasn't convinced this would work effectively, yet seriously intrigued at the same time. Using just this and warm water, honestly in less than a minute it's removed pretty much all of my base makeup - what's visible anyway... One thing I will say is that it's kind of annoying that I have to remove my eye makeup separately, but it saves me from having to use Micellar water to cleanse my face.

Onto my proper cleanse, in the evening I use the Magnitone Daily Cleansing Brush with a cream, oil or any kind of cleanser I fancy using. I have spoke about this before but it's been over 6 months using it now and all I have to say is good things in how it's changed my skin. I still have some small under the skin bumps, but the Magnitone really has helped to reduce them and keep my skin clear. I know it's the Magnitone as I had a 3 week break as I needed new heads for it (they need to be replaced every 3 months) and my skin just didn't look the same. If there's one cleansing tool I recommend, it's this! In the mornings I don't use the Magnitone, and to be honest sometimes I'll just simply use water and then go on to moisturise. This is just what works for me, and I've found not over loading my skin with products works well.
The last cleansing tool that I've seen everywhere at the minute Konjac Sponge*. This instantly appealed to me as it's 100% natural and said to be brilliant for clearing pores and keeping skin clear. I use this after I've used a face mask to ensure it's been properly removed and it leaves my skin feeling soft, and I have the piece of mind that the mask isn't clogging my skin. If you're not keen on the idea of splashing out on the Magnitone but want to try a cleansing tool, the Konjac Sponges are a really good place to start.

Do you use any cleansing tools as a part of your routine?
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