Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Rimmel Moisture Renew - In Love With Ginger

A lipstick that makes your teeth look pearly white and even give you a glowing complexsion? Surely not.. They do seem like powerful and untruthful words for a lipstick, but I honestly feel like this little gem does that. I recently had teeth whitening as I really wasn't happy with the colouring of them, so now I am embracing the bright lipsticks, and this little number is the perfect spring and summer bright. The well known Mac lipstick Morange has been on my want list for time, but this purchase has filled my need for that one, and at a fraction of the price - winner winner

The finish is a glossy one that provides a vivid wash of colour, I usually like a matte lip if I'm going bold, but I actually really enjoy the formulation of this. Staying power is a good 4 hours of good colour before it does start to fade, no feathering noted, but after eating and drinking you will notice some transfer, but they do come with that creamy formulation that is by far not the most long lasting. As summer approaches (lets pray for the nice weather in the UK) this lipstick is going to be a life saver if I need a bold lip as it is nice and moisturising. I cannot wait to try more from the Rimmel Moisture Renew range, fantastic high street lipsticks that are such good value for money. Step aside MAC... (I take back that last comment already)

Would love to know any other colour recommendations people have from this range?


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Making Smart Casual - Dinner Date

At the minute I am stuck in a fashion rut, I am trying to change my wardrobe and get rid of the cluttered clothing that I once thought "yeah, I'll wear that," and surprise surprise they are all still there, having only being worn once, or not at all. I am one of those that will dip in and out of trends and styles, but the one thing I always feel good in is the basics or black and white.

I popped into Topshop and River Island as they were both having 20% off for students (it is a very special moment when that email comes through) and I digged out a few things that didn't exactly catch my eye, but I need them to start again with my clothes, all very basic but that's what I was after. If I could wear some skinny jeans, a plain top and a black blazer everyday, I would.. I love that smart casual look where a pair of white converse looks good with a blazer, it's just perfect, if I do get around to adding colour then it is through my nails or accessories.

Why I have only just bought something with scalloped edges I don't know, it is such a beautiful detailing. This vest style top was only £12 from Topshop and with the necklace and bracelet I don't think it needs be anything else but cream. Marc Jacobs Daisy is my go to scent at the minute, it's a very fresh scent that I think anyone could carry off, not too sophisticated either which I don't think quite suits me yet. Lets take a moment to appriciate how perfect this nail colour is, I only have short nails as they literally refuse to grow, but it's one of those that looks okay on a shorter length, I don't think I am going to stop wearing this for a long time.

I think I am going to carry on hauling all the new things I buy for my "new" wardrobe, when I head back to Uni a much needed trip to Zara will be happening, and some much needed damage to the bank account will be happening.


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday Makeup

Happy Easter Everyone! 
Unlucky for me today I am off for work, but I will have a good roast waiting for me when I come home so I won't be missing out too much. I thought I would share with you some beauty bits I have been loving for this warmer weather and the spring season in general. I have a little obsession with dusky pink at the minute, I think the makeup choices say it all. 

The Mac lipstick in Pink Plaid has become one of my favourites (colour wise) although it is matte and one of my favourite formulations is cremesheen. The colour is so true to pan which is what I love, I just make sure my lips are nice and smooth before hand - thanks to carmex.

I am so impressed with the Maybelline nail polish from their Super Stay collection, as the name suggests it won't be one of those annoying nail polishes that chips straight away, this actually does stay put! The colour is opeque and after two coats you are good to go.

I am yet to speak about the Soap and Glory palette I picked up some time ago now on my blog, and I can't think why because it has become a staple! Again I love the muted matte pink as an all over lid colour with a little of the matte brown in the crease, then if I think it looks a little boring I can just pat some of the champagne brown shimmery shade over the top and I am good to go. This is a good one for those with blue eyes.

Everyone needs the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray... It seems quite steep to spend near enough £20 for the bigger bottle on something that claims to keep your makeup on for longer, but this honestly works! Baring in mind I have oily skin too, when I was on holiday and went out for the evening, my makeup did not budge. 

I hope that you all have a lovely Easter weekend!


Thursday, 17 April 2014

French Pharmacy Must Haves - Oily/Blemish Prone Skin

Recently Escentual had 1/3 off of their french pharmacy ranges, so I took full advantage of adding some stock to the skin care collection, and I am so happy that I did. I have combination/oily and blemish prone skin, so a little bit of everything really, I do get dry patches too which will help explain the reasoning around one of these products. I also use other products in conjunction with these, but I will do a whole skin care post featuring all of the other products later in the month.

The Avene moisture mask is a product targeted towards those with dryer, dehydrated skin. My skin is certainly not on the dry side but it is dehydrated. I have been using this for a month and I am so happy with the results. It is an easy to use mask that I use twice a week as an over night treatment. When I wake up my skin is left with much more of an even skin tone and any blemishes seem to have calmed down. My skin is left so soft, and so far I have not noticed my skin being any oilier since using this. It is so deceiving having oily skin, you would think adding more moisture would make it worse, but it really does improve it in a lot of cases. I want to try the Una Brennan moisture mask soon too.

Now on to a brand and a product that everyone and their friends, and their families should all know about if they get blemishes. The queen of all spot treatments is the La Roshe-Posay Effcalar Duo. It does such a good job at clearing blemish prone skin, I used to suffer from those under the skin spots, but I really don't get them any more. It is slightly drying as it is a fairly strong treatment, but in a lot of cases with bad skin the strong stuff if what is needed. I find that if I use this on a spot in the morning throughout the day it will heal and bam, by night it is gone. I really recommend giving this a go if you are having a hard time with your skin, start off my using it once a day and then once your skin is used to it you can increase it to two times a day. I am yet to notice any clear up of blackheads with this treatment yet, so I am still on the hunt for that.
At first I was not so convinced, and actually preferred using the Effeclar K from the same line, but I now regret that and I am so glad I persisted with this holy grail skin treatment, yeah I said it.

Moisturising is another step in skin care for those with oilier skin that is scary and should be 100% avoided. If you don't know already you are wrong. I think it is quite obvious that you don't go for a heavy duty moisturiser as that will have an impact on your oily skin, but something light weight can do it a whole lot of good. This one from La Roshe-Posay (Effaclar H) is for sensitive skin that is used to over drying products, so perfect when used in conjunction with the Effaclar Duo. The dry patches I used to deal with are no longer there and the overall condition of my skin is a lot better.

The use of these products with the help of a few others my skin has become less oily and a lot clearer. I would now consider my self to have normal/ oily skin, that with the use of a nice foundation I can achieve something I am more confident with!

Have you tried anything from the french pharmacy and have anything else you could recommend?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

TAG: What's in my bag

It has felt like forever that I had been wanting a decent black bag, one that is just big enough to handle the impact of University lecture notes, multiple highlighters and still all the real essentials like makeup and my tangle teezer... I headed over to Manchester on the weekend for a night out and decided to go into the city center before the madness began.. For a start I could not believe how busy it was, taking the fact it was a Saturday into consideration it really was still too much, secondly Manchester is literally amazing for shopping, I could have spent the whole day there.

I headed into Urban Outfitters as my boyfriend actually did have money to spent, and on the way out I found the perfect match, even before looking at the price I decided I really did need it! Dangerous. Luckily it was on sale for a reasonable price of £30, so I got very lucky. It is the perfect size for every day use, it is sturdy and a very good quality bag. So to appreciate this amazing bag I decided to dedicate a post to it and also kill two birds with one stone and show you the contents too.

I love this bag as it can be two different sizes. If i'm not in uni or don't happen to have a lot of junk to carry around I can use the poppers at either side of the bag to make it smaller, and when I need to room I have to it too. The zips just give it an extra something too. I wish this bag came with silver hardware too, I probably would have picked them both up!

As I'm in uni and happen to be in every single day of the week it makes sense to carry  a note pad and pens, you never know when it may be needed. A lot of the stuff like makeup does change, so if i'm out all day I'll take a powder and a concealer with me too, aswel as the lip colour I'm wearing that day too.

My purse is an obvious essential, it is not at all organised, everything is just shoved in there which makes it a manic rush when I'm buying something, I often end up having that moment of panic that I have left my bank card or money at home. I always carry around a bobble, what girl doesn't? The necessary drugs are in my bag to get me through the day e.g. ibuprofen and anti histamines. Keys, an absolute must. I am also trying to be healthy at the minute so I am carrying around a bottle of water everywhere I go and making sure I drink a good amount. Everyone knows how rubbish iPhone's are for keeping their charge, so I bring a charger so I can top up on the go. Headphones, trains are not easy without them. Carmex stays in my bag so I don't end up with dry lips. My trusty iPhone usually stays in a pocket and I am not usually away from it for long, but it creeps into the bag occasionally.

I am slightly obsessed with using this handbag at the moment, I never really considered to even look in Urban Outfitters but I will be exploring their website from now on.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Improving My Fitness


Throughout my life and through most of my teenage years I have been able to eat whatever I want and not gain any weight. From the age of 13 to around 18 I was a steady weight between 7 stone and 8 stone which was fine by me. However as I am starting to get older what I eat is actually having an impact on my weight, so I have joined to gym and started to opt for more healthy meal options.

From January I have been attending three fitness classes a week, fighting fit, circuits and body conditioning. I really enjoy the classes, I think they are a fabulous way of getting yourself into fitness and they are good fun to go with friends, or even go on your own and make friends. Don't get me wrong I was not unfit before, I could run if I needed to, it is just that I never particularly choose to, I would rather be lazy.

I think exercising and better food choices becomes a way of life in the end, and the junk that you ate before becomes nicer to eat and indulge in rather than just food you eat all the time. I'm now three months in and also a member of the gym at the university I go to, never in my life did I think I would be a gym goer, however I am loving it and look forward to going. My main goal looks wise is to have a flatter stomach, so a lot of the exercises I do are aimed towards that goal.

(all from

What I do to keep fit

At the moment I have been mixing cardio with pretty much everything. I love using the cross trainer so I will be on there for around 15 minutes with a resistance of 35 (most times, maybe 30 if I'm feeling tired). I think the cross trainer is an all rounder if you are wanting to burn calories and get your heart rate going, but to also improve upper body strength. After the cross trainer I will move on to some form of toning, to tone my stomach area I feel the most pain from doing the plank, I try to hold this for as long as possible. I also like using a fit ball to do sit ups on, this is really hard and I cannot do many, however you really feel the benefits. To tone the little kangaroo pouch I have I use leg raises, they are brilliant at improving those core muscles. It is really good as the gym I attend offers free personal training sessions, they are really intense and really help build up muscle.

I have also been cutting down on crab, I will treat myself on the weekends or every now and then but the healthy option is always on my radar, if I need a snack I will opt for low fat crisps or fruit. I do not really enjoy drinking fizzy drinks so I do avoid them, but they are incredibly bad for you, it is like drinking a cup of sugar.

Results so far

Due to having more muscle now I have actually gained weight. When I first saw the scales I was shocked and confused, shortly realising after that it was just muscle. It isn't often that I will weigh myself, I think as long as you are fit and healthy the number does not really mean anything, unless you are trying to lose lets say a stone or two, then it is a good way to keep track. Just do not get caught up on it. I have seen a lot of difference in my legs, they have become more muscular. I think this is down to the squats and the cross trainer. I am happy about this as it is so encouraging to see the results. My arms have become more muscular which I was not really expected and it doesn't make much difference to my appearance, it is nice to have them a little tones rather than skinny though. My main problem area <the stomach> has improved slightly in terms of the top part of my abs, I really need to start working more on the lower ab section.

Fingers crossed within the next update there will be more results, I have included some motivational images that I really love. Hopefully they will give you some inspiration if you are working towards a fitter you! OH and before I forget, one way I keep motivated is buying myself nice gym wear, plus if you spend a little more money on them you will end up feeling guilty if they collect dust, but I have bought some things from Primark that are actually pretty good quality....

Another thing that has really helped is these trainers from Nike. They are extremely comfortable and actually do make running that bit easier.
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