Saturday, 8 February 2014

MAC 217 Eyeshadow Brush Dupe

Often with beauty it can be hard to justify spending so much on something when there is a dupe. It costs around £18 for what is the best blending brush around, but it's a hell of a lot of money and not everyone can afford to pay that price tag for a brush. This little gem is from eBay and cost my 99p, that was including delivery. You would think it wouldn't be of any good use being so cheap, but it's actually really lovely.

The brush shape is very similar to the 217 so it makes it easy to control where you need to blend. The bristles are soft, maybe slightly scratchy but nothing major. I really enjoy wearing eyeshadow so I decided to buy two just so I have a backup. In terms of how they wash they also wash really well considering the price, I would recommend trying not to get water around the mental outer as this could make it come loose, but other than that there was no shedding and no change in quality.

If you are looking to be more experimental with eyeshadow then a blending brush is a really good place to start, and at this price you can't really beat it. To find this brush on eBay just type in "eyeshadow brush 217." There is no reference to MAC.


Friday, 7 February 2014

MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick

Mac lipsticks will forever be my weakness. I love the scent, most of their finishes and the colour range. I don't think someone can ever own enough Mac lipsticks until they own atleast half of the collection.
I have been in search for a new everyday pink, one that isn't too out there like Mac's Snob, but a subtle pink that isn't too sheer but not blindingly obvious. 

I have seen Pink Plaid mentioned by a few bloggers and thought I would give it ago. It reminds me of creme cup except matte, which I quite like, atleast then I have the option to wear it matte and if I want to make more of a glossy finish I will just pop on a sheer pink lipgloss on top. I have quite bad dry lips and luckily this lipstick is pretty good at keeping it at bay, some matte lipsticks I have used make dry patches stick out like a sore thumb.. Which isn't the nicest of looks. I think this lipstick would suit pale to medium skin tones, I think it might look too light for someone with darker skin, especially because of the finish. I love wearing this lipstick with a little mascara and a pretty blush, I think it's a lovely, girly lipstick that's great for day time and evening. Recently I've been wearing some quite bold colours, so it's nice to go back to basics. 

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