Sunday, 26 January 2014

Crest Advanced Vivid White Strips | Worth The Hype?

For this post I want to add a little bit of a back story as I think it's quite important. Basically for a long period of time in my early teens I would drinks stupid amounts of fruit juice. Orange, apple, pineapple, I was having a lot! When I was around 17 I started to notice my teeth were actually quite yellow, and slightly stained, since then I have been pretty conscious about how my teeth appear, especially in photos. 

So around October time I (very stupidly) decided to order a teeth whitening kit from Groupon from some random company called "Smile Science." It claimed to have a retail price of £139 so when I managed to grab it for £20 I convinced myself it was the most amazing deal ever, and my teeth will end up glistening white. Instead my teeth ended up maybe two shades lighter, but also with some parts whiter than others, so the results weren't fantastic, I consider it a waste of my money...

Just before Christmas time I watched a YouTube video where Amelia mentioned what teeth whitening product she had used. Go and check out her videos and you will see how crazily white her teeth are, they are amazing! I think the video where she mentions her whitening experience was her November 2013 Favourites, but don't quote me on that. So for a couple of weeks I deliberated buying the Crest Whitening Strips that she mentioned, and then around mid December I caved in and placed my order...

I literally cannot contain my excitement for this amazing invention. I have never been so happy to smile for a camera and I do feel so much more confident with myself. If you can't tell already, they worked, they realllllyyy worked. I ordered the Crest 3D Whitestrips in Advance Vivid, I have placed a direct link there so you can buy them from a secure place. You have to be so careful where you get them from as some sites can rip you off or be fake. These strips are on sale at the moment so grab them while you can. I paid around £35 all together including delivery, so it was a good deal to say the least. 

I waited an amazing two days, I was so happy when they arrived and literally couldn't wait to start using them. How these strips work is you use them once a day on your top and bottom teeth and leave them for 30 minutes before removing the strip, this is a two week process. Within the pack I received 14 separate sachets with a strip for your top teeth and the bottom. Remember to place the bottom one on first, as it can get tricky if you put on the top one first. The strips are pretty much invisible on your teeth, so you don't have to wear what looks like a gum shield when you do it. While using the strips you can also still drink, I didn't actually do this, I just thought it would be easier not too, but you can if you need to.

These strips didn't leave any really horrible residue or taste in my mouth which was good. After the 30 minutes was up they were easy to just peel off, and throw straight in the bin. I would say around the 5th day into using these there was some slightly irritation to my gum area, but it wasn't really painful and it did go after using it a day or two more. I started to notice a difference after just three days, then as I was coming to the end of the treatment I just knew they had done such a good job.Over all these strips were an absolute dream to use and I will be repurchasing them later on this year again to keep up with having lovely white teeth. I have included some photos below of how my teeth used to look, I actually cringe a little looking back now! Wish I had used these strips sooner. The two pictures at the bottom are more recent pictures.

I really hope this review will help people who are trying to decide if teeth whitening is for them. I feel so much more confident in myself after using these. I cannot stop wearing red lipstick.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick: 107

Recently I have been obsessed with dark lipsticks, I love how all the attention can just be draw to one place. If it's a bad hair day, or my eyeliner looks rubbish, then this will be my saviour. 

Everyone raves about the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick as I feel that it is so wearable, even with it being so bold, it suits practically everyone and just adds a little something different. I cannot believe I hadn't bought this long ago, it's around the £5 mark so a real bargain, and if you fancy giving something different a go then this is one to go for. It's a lovely deep berry toned red, it is quite build able so you can go really bold adding an extra coat, I have gone for one coat in the pictures. 

I personally quite enjoy having a matte finish with a bold lip, I feel like it makes it more stand out, and I just feel it looks better. I don't think I would be quite as adventurous to wear this with a smokey eye, I think it would just be too much. The colour pay off is amazing and these lipsticks last a surprisingly long time, I would say a strong 4 hours.

Overall I am super impressed. Big thumbs up for this, I will be repurchasing as soon as I have ran out!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Elegant Touch False Nails

Over the Christmas period I decided to pick up some fake nails. I have always been scared of them, perfect for some people except I have really mixed feeling about them. Gravestone looking nails are a big no, short and stumpy are also not my thing, I just like my nails to look clean and "polished". 

The Elegant Touch nails are actually perfect, they are short enough so I don't take my eyes out when I'm dealing with the old contact lenses, but allow me to live the dream of having nice, longish looking nails. I have worn acrylics before and I really hated them, I found them impractical, and just didn't like the look of them on me personally. I love how these just don't ruin your nails like gel or acrylic false nails, and they also lasted a whole week for me!! That might not seem like a long time, but I'll paint my nails and by the next day they will be chipped, it's not good. Sizing wise they have a really good selection as there is 24 in a pack, one thing that bugs me with the convention glue on nails is how freaking huge the nails would be, literally claws on my hands after using them.

Whilest I was wearing these nails I noticed my natural nails were actually able to grow aswel as become stronger, which is a huge bonus. A lot of people complemented me on these and especially mentioned how real they look. Elegant touch are a really good brand, I got these nails when Superdrug had 1/3 off so they cost me around £3.80, they were a bargain. If I ever need to have lovely looking nails I will always reach for this brand. I 100% recommend you try these nails if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to a salon trip or just fancy having a change.

Do you wear fake nails? What are your favourites?

Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

I think that once you start to appreciate how much of a difference good makeup brushes have to your makeup, you're a true makeup lover. 

At a younger age for me, it was all about buying the makeup, but never having anything decent to apply it with. EVERY blogger knows about the Real Techniques brushes, and with good reason.

I have quite a few of the real techniques brushes now, so I decided it was about time to pick up the Real Techniques Blush Brush. This brush is so soft and manages to distribute power product to quite a large area, meaning for blush sometimes it can be quite hard to control where you put it. Saying that I still feel like I now need this brush in my life. I apply blush with this by applying a small amount of product to the tip, and then gently placing that on my cheek bones. I then use the brush to blend the product out to make it look more natural. When you just swirl this brush into your blusher wayyyy too much product ends up on the brush, resulting in you looking like a china doll, and unless that's your thing I wouldn't recommend. 

I also enjoy using this to blend out my contouring, this brush literally becomes a savior when I've gone a little over the top before a night out, it just helps to make everything look more natural. Over all I do rate this brush, it can be used for blusher, bronzer, contour, or your setting powder. 

What is your favourite brush to use for blusher?
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